Maybe you’ve noticed there is more noise than ever “out there.” Gobs of webinars. Ads selling you on Facebook.

Endless courses teaching you about the magic bullets you just HAVE to learn about.

Maybe you’ve even taken loads of courses or trainings, and you’re still in the same spot where you started.

Um, frustrating!

These days I’m all about simplification, and I’m betting your prospects, clients and customers are too.

Marketing, and getting your message heard by the people who need it most, does NOT need to be complicated.

It doesn’t even need to feel “hard.”

When it feels that way, and you’ve got a bad case of overwhelm, that’s telling you something.

Specifically, it’s a sign that your marketing plan (or let’s be honest, the lack thereof), is almost definitely being over-complicated.

Hear me when I say this: It is NOT your fault!

The answer isn’t more information, it’s the right information, customized to fit YOUR business.

THAT is how the gap closes between information and implementation.

You may have seen that our “Early Bird” pre-registration period for the AMPLIFY marketing training event is about to close.

For a few short days you have an opportunity to register at our lowest tuition. After this Friday, the tuition goes up!

Here’s the link to the workshop page with a video from me, success stories, details and Early Bird tuition, but only until Friday.

If you are finally ready for the right information, a customized plan specific to YOUR business, and an educational and networking experience like no other, come join us at AMPLIFY this fall.

I’ll be there by your side, answering all of your questions and clearing the fog. We’re going to roll up our sleeves and get you into implementation mode, even before you leave the event. (Yes, while you are still in the room with us you will be taking action. It happens every year at my workshop.)

Let’s simplify things, together. 🙂

Be bold. Be brave. Take a BIG step toward the success of your business and the success of those you are here on this Earth to help.

Join us in November… but don’t wait too long! Early Bird pricing flies away this Friday at midnight ET. 🙂

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