The path that led me to do what I’m doing right now was not always pretty. It likely wasn’t for you either. But it’s exactly those “messy” moments and experiences that you need to share with your ideal prospects. This is what makes your message incredibly powerful and helps you attract the best clients. I refer to this as “finding the message in your mess.” Your marketing message functions to pull prospects in, over anyone else out there who does a similar “thing” as you. This goes beyond the typical “elevator pitch.” We’re talking about being boldly authentic and transparent, and I’m sharing how you can shake it up and go the opposite way of the masses and take steps toward being more real, and more YOU, in this video.


Uncovering your irresistible messaging and using it to attract your most ideal clients is just one of the ways I support my Impact Academy Mastermind clients. Enrollment into the Mastermind is open again for a limited time right now, and if you’d like to personally speak with myself and my team to see if it’s the right fit for you, simply head to to schedule a no obligation call now.

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