new mediaI was reading a post over at Michael Martine’s Remarkablogger blog called “Read This if You Hate Marketing.”  In the post he talks about how so many people say they cannot stand marketing and that it pains them to do it–even though that’s what keeps a business alive.  Even though the ones complaining are business owners who know that without marketing you can’t make money.

He proposes that newer forms of marketing like blogging and social media are different because they allow you to be yourself and work on the basis that you are building trust and contributing value to potential customers. I happen to agree and it got me thinking–for those averse to more traditional, sales-y forms of marketing, does new media make it feel less icky?

For me, using social media or this blog to reach out to others feels like the most natural thing in the world.  It’s conversation, and it’s a way to find out about others–what makes them tick, what keeps them awake at night, what they wish they knew about building a business or working online.  It makes sense, after all–it’s social and socializing is supposed to be fun.

I believe that if those who are gun shy about promoting themselves and their products or services would try connecting in this way they would find it to be a lot less stressful.  Results are not going to be immediate most of the time and it is absolutely going to take some concentrated effort.  But each time you reach out you are building your business’ foundation.

As Michael points out in his post, you are persuading by establishing trust.  It’s a gentle process, not a foreceful hard sell.  I think that’s where the yucky feelings come from but you are in luck.  These newer forms of social marketing are the way forward and we will see less of the traditional methods that leave so many small business owners cold.

What are your thoughts on marketing in this new environment?  Do you find it easier?  Is traditional marketing something you never minded?  I’d particularly like to hear if you feel more or less comfortable participating in the conversational nature that is social media.

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Photo Credit: jeremyvaught

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