Free webinar 12/11I recently had my first book published, called “There’s More to Life Than This.” I’m very happy about and proud of this book, and one particular message in it came through loud and clear.

To be very successful in your own business, you often have to do the OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing.

You may have heard from me previously that this year has been one of tough transitions and painful decisions in my life and business. And I’ve learned so much from my experiences. I’ve emerged from this time with lessons that have led me to create more abundance in my business, re-ignite my passion for what I do, and create a life I love by design.

It isn’t always easy, and it’s required me to say “No” to the status quo, but it IS absolutely worth it.

Knowing I wanted to share these lessons with you, I took a deep breath and decided to create a new free training class to teach these principles.

This webinar on Thursday, December 11th is not the typical sort of webinar I do, but it may be one of the most important I’ve ever done.

That’s because there is an entrepreneurial movement occurring right now, and it’s fueled not by greed, lack and fear… but by purpose, service and love.

But it requires us to step up.

If you’re getting nudges that you may be ready and this resonates with you, I know you’ll want to be part of it.

The training is called “5 Keys to Authentic Abundance” and you’ll get solid strategies you can take action on right away to make 2015 your best year yet.

These strategies will not only have a powerful impact on you, but your clients and the world, too.

See, I believe there is something bigger and better out there for you, even if you don’t just yet. And a big part of my life purpose is to teach you how to get there.

I’m really excited (and a little nervous!) to bring you this information! Go here now to secure your spot and see more about what you’ll learn and why you want to be with us.

See you there!

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