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You may not have thought of this much, but depending what business stage you are in, the needs you’ll have will be VERY different.

For example, while most business coaches tend to lump all their clients together, I have 2 distinctly different niches I work with:

Those in the GROWTH stage of business, and those in the EXPANSION stage of business.

The reason is simple: Someone in the start-up phase will have very different focuses and challenges than someone who is at 6 figures and above.

If you’re in the Growth stage, you’re likely asking questions such as:

“Which business model is actually right for my services?”

“How do I focus on social media as a marketing strategy? Does it even work?”

“How do I know WHAT to market WHEN?”

“How do I fill my next workshop or program with confidence?”

In this stage, your objectives should be to:

  • Identify and nail your best business model, market, and message
  • Create your irresistible packages clients will happily pay for
  • Increase online visibility while learning how to leverage social media
  • Develop a structured online sales funnel that never feels “pushy”
  • Get access to free and low-cost web operations so you can easily build a responsive list and a solid stay-in-touch plan

(BTW, these are the things I teach you to do in-depth in my signature program, Get Clients Online™, which I recently completely revamped for 2018. More about that soon. :-))

In contrast, if you’re in the Expansion stage, you’re likely asking questions such as: 

“How do I reach a wider audience?”

“How do I build a team?”

“How do I create systems?”

“How do I multiply my email list?”

“How do I implement leveraged and passive income streams?”

In this business stage, your objectives should be to:

  • Create a plan for multiple streams of income (not just 1:1)
  • Launch successful group programs while maximizing your sales funnel
  • Grow your team and master delegation
  • Master advanced social media and online strategies
  • Joint venture and collaborate frequently with like-minded entrepreneurs

And of course, sometimes Growth stage peeps will be ready to tackle more advanced marketing strategies, and Expansion peeps will need to go back and hone some foundational pieces.

But generally, after 9 years of business coaching, this is how I see it play out.

You can’t just lump every business owner together, because I believe this is a HUGE disservice to them.

Creating this separation in the two stages has been one of the best things I’ve done for my own business, and it shows in my clients’ results.

I hope this is helpful and encourages you to put the focus on the right things, based on what stage you are at in your business.

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