So much about marketing online revolves around content, and if you’re anything like the typical business owner, sometimes it’s a struggle to know what that content should be about.

A few weeks ago I shared ideas for content in your Facebook Lives, but this week I want to expand on that and share the simple system I use to “mine” for topics.

It doesn’t cost anything, anyone can use it, and you can even use it in other areas of your business – not only just with free content.

Why does this work so well?


We often make things much too complicated for ourselves (I’ve done it too), when simply applying a structure that makes sense is all it takes.

Here it is:

1) Come up with the 3 Core Pillars of your business. You can think of these as the broad categories under which your expertise falls.

For example, here’s mine:

1. Online Marketing
2. Social Media
3. Success Mindset

2) Come up with the 7 Core Business areas that you are most knowledgeable about. You can also think of this as the main areas that you work with your clients on.

Using me as an example again, here are mine:

1) Getting more clients and subscribers
2) Tech stuff that holds you back
3) What to do on social media
4) Creating offers
5) How to do a proper launch
6) Leverage – Team, Systems, Technology
7) Mindset

Told ya it was simple. 🙂 (Shoutout to Martin Jolley-Jarvis for sharing this technique with me originally.)

Not only does this method provide you structure, it gives you a touchstone to come back to over and over again when you feel like you’re out of ideas.

Your Pillars and Core Business areas can be a guideline for free content, but also for courses, speaking gigs, livestreams, webinars and more.

I’d love to know in the comments what you think of this method, and whether you have your own structure or “trick” for coming up with content continuously.

Remember, not everything needs to be complicated. 🙂

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