This is a guest post by Sophorn Chhay It’s all about the tools. Mobile marketing campaigns offer great resource value. They’re quick, influential and widespread. If you’ve verified your newest market—or, if you’re trying to get in closer touch with your consumers, check out the ways mobile marketing can establish a direct connection.

Method One: The Small Business Approach

Small businesses, currently, hold massive potential for mobile marketers. Direct mail campaigns, SMS campaigns—social media campaigns, even—are all viable mobile-based paths. Direct connection is achieved when consumers are contacted. Testing your markets quickly and effectively needn’t be difficult when small businesses aid the rally. Small companies have contained markets. Entrepreneur.com suggests such markets are highly impactful for mobile marketers seeking direct connection. Successful small business advertisements are examinable. Really, the small business route promises quality connections. They also contain the following benefits:

  • Low cost management
  • Test offers
  • Direct mailing lists
  • Community events

Method Two: Online Information Sources

Target the review sites, the location providers and the city-based resources. Mobile Marketing Solution has relayed information garnered through Pew Research Center, stating two-thirds of America currently own a smartphone. Of those:

  • 19 percent rely on smartphones to access online information.
  • 10 percent don’t rely on home-based broadband Internet.

Informational sources establish direct connections through reviews, information portals and location-based services. Trusted information platforms are vital resources to marketers because they’re invaluable to consumers.

Method Three: Customer Surveys

CIO.com’s feature consumer connection article discusses the power behind customer surveys. “Surveys allow businesses to identify user needs directly,” states CEO of GetVoIP, Reuben Yonatan. Consumer surveys draw consumers in, generate feedback and establish a trial ground for future communication. Really, surveys help consumers directly contact you, the marketer. Understanding consumer needs is always important, because prospective consumers are often ‘on the fence’ about new product or service purchases.

Method Four: Events Within Events

Event marketing is powerful, and it’s a primary lead generation resource. Here, Inc.com’s “The New Rules of Event Marketing” proposes the power behind mobile devices in establishing direct contact. Smartphones can be utilized to encourage consumer attendance, and consumer attendance leads to direct connection. Used as a ‘conduit for exclusivity,’ mobile events within events generate massive appeal. They also personalize events by offering:

  • Premiums
  • Prizes
  • Direct rewards

Consumers will interact with events before they arrive, priming them for future-established connections. Exclusive access, fan communication and hot notices never fail to garner attention, prompt feedback and gain loyal brand supporters.

Method Five: Social Media

Social media should be a constant factor within your mobile marketing platform. Direct connectivity needn’t be separated from massive interaction, and social media should never be forgone. Facebook and Twitter accessibility is a must-have. Both mobile and desktop users should have accessibility, too, as cross-platform followers are indispensable resources. Social Media Examiner has covered the mobile-based social media craze, revealing that:

  • Facebook users are 68 percent mobile.
  • Pinterest users are 92 percent mobile.
  • Twitter users are 86 percent mobile.
  • Tumblr users are 46 percent mobile.

‘Mobility’ is a hot word. Mobile social media access is the funnel’s mouth, and an interactive, effective marketing strategy can channel new arrivals into direct communication. Think about it: Mobile users constantly open and close their preferred social application. They constantly enter and exit the channel. As they leave, assist their journey to excellent offers and promotions via enhanced offers, direct communication lines, multimedia and social events. As mobile technology expands, so, too, do your options. Direct communication does take time, but the time is well spent. Long-lasting relationships, relationships based upon trustworthy encounters, will enrich your brand supporters, further promoting the goods and services they love.

Author Biography

Sophorn Chhay Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generated sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS and marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.

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