recessionI will be the first to say I don’t watch much news.  I don’t buy into the doom and gloom and I don’t think that everyone has stopped spending money.  I like to think that we create our own economy.  That being said, there is no doubt that our country, indeed the world, is going through a trying time.

People are still spending money but they are often giving more thought to what they spend it on.  They want to be more sure than ever that they are getting that bang for their buck.

It is interesting to observe those who are thriving in this climate.  Whether they are selling products or services, a common trait is that they are giving tons of value up front to their clients and customers.  This is clear before they have even sold anything to anyone:

*They have shown the advantages of spending their money with them versus someone else

*They have exhibited what they expect your return on investment will be in terms of results and in what time frame

*They have offered proof of success in others through testimonials and success stories

*They have responded promptly to inquiries and addressed concerns before the sale has occurred

*They have demonstrated that they understand how their product or service meets the customer/client’s needs (what is it they value the most?)

Coupled with building relationships built on trust through social media tools and online communication, it’s a powerful combination enabling many entrepreneurs to do exceptionally well in these otherwise uncertain times.

What are your thoughts on the fact that many small business owners are thriving right now?  What connections have you made about what they may be doing differently?

Photo Credit: aturkus

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