How to be Awesome
Marketing is non-negotiable, but business owners often get stuck when they’re marketing up a storm with little results to show for it.

When I see this happen for clients of mine, I often dig in to find they’re missing a few crucial keys. Those keys are time-tested principles that anyone can use to boost their success.

Authentic Scarcity

The first is authentic scarcity, which is based on the idea that the scarcer something is, the higher demand will be. We’re simply wired this way: think of parents camping out for Christmas toys for their kids.

People don’t want to “miss out” on something, so help them overcome their desire to “wait and think about it” by offering a limited number of copies, spots or seats. (Of course be in integrity here.) Don’t forget to update prospects in terms of numbers and percentages in order to keep them motivated to buy!

Authentic Urgency

We’re all procrastinators! That’s why we need to give prospects honest reasons to take action NOW. You can do this with time limits and deadlines, price increases, or by adding value that’s available for a limited time or in a limited quantity.

Additional value can mean offering an extended payment plan, free shipping, or a bonus product or service. In the past I’ve offered bonus strategy calls, special discounts, free workshop tickets, and bonus products just to name a few.


No one wants to make a mistake with his or her money. A strong guarantee removes risk for a prospect and makes them feel safer. It can also create a greater sense of trust.

For example: “100% satisfaction guarantee” (this will often have a time frame attached); or a “30 day money back guarantee.” It won’t always make sense to offer a guarantee on everything (such as with certain services), but when you do offer one, the increased sales will usually offset any refunds you need to give.

Bottom line: you make the rules here, and you can always test and change. Most importantly, always state your policy up front.

Social Proof

Social proof is just another word for case studies, success stories, testimonials, endorsements, press mentions, and even social media kudos. It’s a powerful selling tool and I always encourage my clients to ask for it regularly.

Testimonials are important because prospects are always looking for “social proof” before they pull out their credit cards! It’s one thing for you to talk about your clients’ results, but what they say is much more powerful.

Calls to Action

Finally, assuming people know what we want them to do is a big mistake! Every piece of our marketing must have a clear call to action: click here, buy now, leave a comment, watch this, register now, etc.

We want people to see our message and take a direct action in response to it. The clearer we are about exactly what we want people to do, the more likely they will take the action we want. (But be sure to only use one call to action at a time.)

Your Action Step: take stock of your marketing—how has neglecting these keys possibly sabotaged your bottom line in the past? How can you start incorporating one or more of these principles into your next launch?

When you do, you’ll be practicing smart marketing AND serving more of the people who need you as a result—and that’s awesome.

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