A hand holding a paper that has the words "business plan" cut out of it, with a laptop and 2018 calendar in the background.

When I set my intentions for the new year, a biggie was to provide you with even more value than EVAH. 🙂

This means sharing more helpful and actionable content with you around online marketing, social media, and your success mindset.

I’m so passionate about these topics and about serving you in an even bigger way, and I am sure YOU are passionate about helping your peeps AND showing up for them… so they know exactly how to find you. (Which, by the way, is marketing in a nutshell.)

So… today I want to ask you: does your marketing reflect the year you’re living in?

It may sound funny, but this is a lesson I learned the hard way in my own business.

Earlier on in my journey, I got so excited that I’d even FIGURED OUT marketing at all that I clung to what I thought would always be “tried and true” methods.

You know, kinda like staying in the “marketing comfort zone.”

When those methods began failing me, I got the wake up call: this stuff changes FAST.

While there are best practices that never go out of style, there are many strategies that USED to work that just don’t any more.

Now it doesn’t mean you should all out panic – after all, we entrepreneurs are especially good at being flexible and pivoting when needed.

However, with more noise in the online space than ever, it DOES mean you need to pay attention to what’s happening on the cutting edge.

People are responding differently.

They’re craving more engagement with you.

They’re being more discerning about what they purchase (and they have more choices than any time in the past.)

They’re more concerned about privacy, being able to trust you, and ROI than ever before.

With that in mind, here’s my dispatch from the front lines on 3 of the most important things to understand and implement in 2018:

1) The importance of content marketing is at an all time high, particularly live video content. Livestreams are the next best thing to being face to face, and with the recent Facebook algorithm changes, posts that create the most discussion will rank better. What kind of content receives the most discussion? Live video. (According to Facebook, live videos receive 6X the engagement as non-live ones.)

2) Privacy matters to your people, big time. Just ask those affected by the major breaches of 2017! Having a clear Privacy Policy on your site, a secure shopping cart, and SSL encryption are just a few of the things you’ll want to shore up.

3) To stand out from the noise, crystal clarity around the FOUNDATION of your business is more crucial this year than ever. After all:

How can you build community/your list without a MARKET?

How can you entice them to join that community without a clear MESSAGE?

How can you make offers without understanding people’s MOTIVATION?

How can you make MONEY without knowing your business MODEL?

I hope this is helpful, and inspires you to stay OUT of the marketing dark ages.

I’ll be sharing much more with you soon, so you can make sure your online game is on point for 2018. Stay tuned!

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