This week’s video tip is all about how generate income in a pinch. (Yeah!)

One of the biggest issues I see with entrepreneurs is what I like to call the “waiting for the money to fall out of the sky” syndrome. They are wondering why the money is not coming in, and they may even feel they are already marketing, so they’re thinking “what’s the problem?”

The truth is, no matter what business you are in, you need to ASK for the money, and ask for the sale. That means more than just marketing–that means making offers. The more offers you make and the more launches you have, the more money you make. Makes sense, right?

So here are what I call Christine’s “Income in a Pinch” ideas. 🙂 Today I’ve got 6 juicy ones for you (check out the video above for even more detail):

1) Email your list to say that some clients just “graduated” and you have x number of spots open
2) Hold a close-out sale
3) Productize a live program
4) Re-launch a product/program
5) Hold a holiday sale
6) Survey your list for a “hot topic” and teach class around it (or create a product or program)

To help you implement this (and start improving your cash flow), here are some to-do’s for you this week:

1) A simple place to start is to look at the calendar: what’s an upcoming holiday you could use to tie into a sale or promotion?

2) When’s the last time you surveyed your list or your peeps? Plan for when you will do it again to get that hot topic market research for your next offer.

3) Re-visit your big picture 6 or 12 month plan–where can you plug some of the holes with these offers?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tip this week…and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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