You probably already know how important it is to keep in touch with your email subscribers. Consistency and follow-up is what builds know, like and trust between you the business owner and your list.

While one of the biggest reasons for sending an email newsletter as your keep-in-touch vehicle is to provide valuable content for your readers, you also have to remember to do some (gasp!) self-promotion.

I know some people struggle with this, particularly if they’ve been publishing their e-zine for a while and haven’t done any promoting other than perhaps a sentence or two here and there about working with them.

But the truth is, you have to make the ask in order to get the income, and give people the chance to take advantage of what it is that you’re offering.  (If you continue to market, and if you continue to ask people to invest with you, you will create consistent income. It’s really that simple.)

With that said, I usually suggest that if you haven’t done promotion before in your e-zine, just start out small and do about 10% worth (later, you can ramp this up to a bit more). It just may be you’re making one offer, but it’s set apart, it’s specific, and there’s a place for it in your e-zine. (I call a section for this “Must-Haves” in my own newsletter, for example.)

Not sure where to start? Here are 4 specific ways your e-zine can make you money:

1) Give options: Maybe your services are usually 1 on 1, but are there other ways you can provide value to your prospects?  Are there other ways you could package your knowledge or expertise for them such as through information products, teleseminars, or workshops?

People will appreciate being able to learn from you and receive help from you in other ways.  Especially if your 1 on 1 services are are at a higher price point, it’s nice to have other lower-priced options.

2) Promote yourself: This is not specifically asking for the sale, but let people know what you’re doing—have you been asked to speak places, are you receiving an award, did a client achieve a really nice success because of your help, have you received accolades recently?

This raises your profile in your reader’s eyes and makes it more likely that they will purchase from you or hire you in the future.  So don’t be shy about doing this and letting people know on a regular basis.

3) Offer specials: This is another option where you can offer things like “subscriber-only discounts.”  This gives an air of exclusivity to your offers and makes your subscribers feel special that they are able to receive perks and discounts just for being on your list.

Your readers may find the content of what it is that you’re putting out there for free really valuable, and they’d like more, but they might need a little bit of encouragement to buy from you. (So give ’em a nudge.)

4) Recommendations:  I am sure there are products or services you have used and would recommend to others.  So why not become an affiliate of that person’s product or service? When you recommend it to them and they purchase through your unique link, you make a commission.

One example of this that I’ve used in the past in my e-zine is my WordPress theme.  I use a WordPress theme called Thesis on my membership site and I use the Genesis theme on my main website–and I signed up for their affiliate programs because I am happy to recommend those products.

See, your e-zine is one of your best marketing tools. You want to make sure that you’re letting your subscribers know what products and services you have that are available to them. They expect that. They signed up for your e-zine and they expect that there’s going to be more that you’re offering to them for an investment–whether it’s a low-priced e-book at $37 or your 6 month coaching program.

Now it’s your turn to think about this: what one offer will YOU make in your next email newsletter? Remember, it’s all about the ask! 🙂

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