S1 E39: Niching, Launching and the Gloriousness of Not Fitting In With Dr. Tonya Olson

by Christine Gallagher | She's Got This

Almost 2 years ago now, the pandemic was still dragging on and I was feeling lost in many ways. I was feeling like an era of my business was coming to a close, I had been living in Florida for a couple of years but still still didn’t feel like I had really gotten to connect with anyone friends-wise. 

Covid, working from home, and being still sorta new after moving nearly 1000 miles away will do that.

I remember deciding to get serious about manifesting a local support network. One day not long after, someone who’s podcast I’d guested on years ago connected me with someone she had known in NYC – who’d also moved to St. Petersburg recently.

In turn, that person introduced me to a talented physical therapist, Tonya Olson! Not only did we discover we were both single entrepreneurs with a love of sparking Rose, it turned out that the apartment building I was moving to was right across the street from the one she had just moved into.

We got together and the rest is history – I had my first real friend in St. Pete. 🙂 

Tonya is not only a super interesting person, she’s funny, really smart and inspiring. I knew it would be a blast to interview her.

In This Episode With Tonya You’ll Discover:

  • How she combined her training as a physical therapist and her lifelong training and passion as a horse person to create another branch of her business supporting equestrians

  • Overcoming the fear of niching “too small” – and why “your niche is your weird”

  • How I myself discovered my niche as a business coach (when my market was originally “anyone with a credit card” :-))

  • How important it is to keep paying attention to what keeps bubbling up to the surface and won’t leave you alone

  • How she talked herself out of starting her own business for years – and what finally changed

  • The importance of being very selective about the people you have in your life

  • The magic of getting outside of your own industry and discipline in order to find answers and inspiration

  • How “weaknesses” as an employee can be your greatest strengths as an entrepreneur, and the lessons she learned having an “owner mindset” as a staff PT

  • Her experience with depressive episodes from trying to fit into a world where she didn’t belong (and how it can actually be glorious to not fit in!)

  • Honoring the connections you make and not overthinking them – even if they look different than you thought they would

  • Why she feels “I don’t dream big enough for how my life has turned out” – and how it’s turned out pretty amazing anyway

  • Her experience of recently launching her first online course and what it taught her

  • Why perfectionism is overrated and why people are actually craving content and experiences that are less slick and produced

  • How “lost opportunities” ended up opening the door to what she really should have been doing all along 

Connect With Tonya:


About Tonya:

Tonya Olson is a Physical Therapist, educator, doctoral candidate, horse person, and entrepreneur.

She spent the first part of her career as a physical therapist working in a variety of settings in the medical model controlled by insurance companies. She started her own mobile, out-of-network PT business in 2018, and quickly realized that entrepreneurship was her future.

The confidence gained from her PT practice led to her niching further into her life-long dream of having a business targeting equestrians. She launched her Move Like A Rider online business Fall of 2022. Developing a style of business that combines clinical practice and one-to-one visits with the flexibility of online services make her businesses unique and accessible beyond traditional PT or equestrian settings.

About Your Host Christine Gallagher: 

Hi there! I’m a speaker, trainer, bestselling author and award-winning business coach and I founded ShesGotClients.com in 2009. At She’s Got Clients we’re dedicated to teaching spiritual-minded coaches, experts, leaders and practitioners how to add $100k+ in new revenue (much of it recurring) with simplified marketing and intentional energy direction. (And to keep most of that in PROFIT, while working less.) I’m also the creator of the 90/10 Method. I believe that when female entrepreneurs learn how to share their gifts and their message in a much bigger way by creating intentional, leveraged offers, they will not only dramatically elevate their expert status and enjoy more income, they also become a force for positive change in the world.


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