S1 E38: Party Girls, Trauma, Sobriety and Following the Nudges With Jenny Fenig

by Christine Gallagher | She's Got This

I had a wide-ranging and juicy convo with my long time friend and entrepreneur, Jenny Fenig, on this episode of the podcast.

Jenny and I go way back. We met at an Ali Brown event in 2010 and became fast friends. We’ve come up in this online marketing game together and have seen A LOT! 

Because of our connection, we were able to go deep in this episode and did not hold back. If you’re into behind the scenes details of the good, bad and ugly of entrepreneurship, this one’s for you.

After an intense decade in New York City elevating the visibility and message of the biggest brands and thought leaders in the world, she realized the path she was on wasn’t for her. She quit her 6-figure job, had a short stint as a yoga teacher, then founded her transformational coaching company to help women design a new way of working and earning by building their own brand.

Having three kids, a husband with a career he’s passionate about, and moving to a small town in the mountains has fueled her commitment to building a freedom-based business – and helping her clients do the same.

In This Episode With Jenny You’ll Discover:

  • How so much of her life, personal growth and business has been influenced by the tragic loss of her younger sister when Jenny was 16
  • Her move from small town Florida to the Big Apple to pursue a career in PR and the work hard, play hard culture that came with it
  • How she started developing her relationship with her inner voice and learned not to ignore it
  • Her leaving her PR career to produce conferences and how it seemed “nuts” at the time
  • Dabbling with recreational drugs and drinking to “numb out” and how that influenced her journey – and her subsequent sobriety
  • What it was like to work up the courage to leave her cushy 6-figure job (in a toxic environment) to become a yoga teacher and then a coach
  • Our shared experience with EMDR as a modality in therapy to deal with trauma
  • How stuff “got kicked up” when she became a parent and how she dealt with the guilt and shame she’d never unpacked previously
  • Dealing with the noise online and learning not to compare yourself with everyone else
  • How she dealt with the ultimate curveball that led her to home schooling her 3 kids while also being a full time business owner
  • Getting balance back when she realized she was more consumed with the marketing part of business than the actual work
  • Becoming a master of your time and energy, and knowing when to surrender

Jenny’s Book:

Special Gift From Jenny: 

Jenny has generously offered her Reclaim Your Time template for free.  Just head here to grab it.

Connect With Jenny:

About Jenny:

Jenny Fenig is a women’s leadership coach helping you get confident, focused and paid doing what you love — without burnout. A successful business leader for more than 2 decades, Jenny offers astute counsel and masterful coaching to bring out the best in her clients. She’s passionate about taking people on a journey inward and upward.

Jenny is delighted to serve as a Guide at CHIEF (fastest women-founded company to achieve unicorn valuation status!), harnessing her dynamic skillset to create leadership development and connection experiences for senior executive women committed to their growth. She is the proud recipient of a Silver Stevie Award for Women in Business for “Coach of the Year” and the author of “Get Gutsy.”

She loves celebrating with her clients as they > sell out online programs, lead retreats, book speaking engagements + corporate contracts, get promoted, make more money, deepen relationships, free up time to focus on what matters most, get healthier, and feel good as they do good.

Her powerful presence and natural storytelling abilities makes her an in-demand speaker and podcast guest. In her work as a corporate workshop leader and motivational speaker, Jenny helps forward-thinking organizations solve challenges around balance, boundaries and burnout. Her presentations and teachings help redesign the paradigm around time, energy, relationships and results-driven priorities. She’s spoken to teams at organizations including Samsonite, Mitsubishi, Public Health Institute, Logitech, Sunrun, Shionogi, Barnard College, Hugo Boss, Vonage, Blackberry, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Public Consulting Group.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Jenny was a public relations executive and business conference producer elevating the visibility and message of the biggest brands, thought leaders, and companies in the world.

She lives in the woods with her family in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. She loves running, riding on her Peloton, drinking tea, spending time in nature, traveling, and cheering on her kids at their many sporting events.

About Your Host Christine Gallagher: 

Hi there! I’m a speaker, trainer, bestselling author and award-winning business coach and I founded ShesGotClients.com in 2009. At She’s Got Clients we’re dedicated to teaching spiritual-minded coaches, experts, leaders and practitioners how to add $100k+ in new revenue (much of it recurring) with simplified marketing and intentional energy direction. (And to keep most of that in PROFIT, while working less.) I’m also the creator of the 90/10 Method. I believe that when female entrepreneurs learn how to share their gifts and their message in a much bigger way by creating intentional, leveraged offers, they will not only dramatically elevate their expert status and enjoy more income, they also become a force for positive change in the world.

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