E47: The Power of Accountability With Tanya Alvarez

by Christine Gallagher | She's Got This

Starting out at age 25, Tanya Alvarez self-funded her first New York ad agency, using credit cards, and achieved zero to 1 million in revenue in the first year.

Along the way, she traveled to 42 countries, completing the Boston and NYC Marathons and a Half Ironman, all while battling a rare brittle bone condition. 

Her name is Tanya Alvarez, a classic underdog story, and she’s on a mission to help you own your life, not just your business. 

Through OwnersUP, Tanya aims to empower you to win at work without losing at home, utilizing facilitated accountability sprints to scale your business sanely and enable you to live your ideal life now.

In This Episode With Tanya You’ll Discover:

  • Why she declined lucrative job offers at companies like American Express after college to forge her own path
  • Her experience joining startups during the dot com “bust” where she worked hard to learn as much as she could, instead of going the MBA route
  • The advice her Mom gave her when she was “so nervous” to start her own thing
  • Her simple process for prioritizing goals when distractions are everywhere
  • How to reverse engineer your best days, so you can have more days like that
  • How to get the awareness of what is not the best use of your time
  • An example of a simple process she uses to overcome how social media can hijack our focus
  • Why you should hire a virtual assistant before you think your ready
  • How AI can help you create SOPs (standard operating processes) fast
  • Her “Focus Multiplier:” A simple yet potent tactic to supercharge daily productivity
  • The importance of having the right person to hold you accountable (and not let you off the hook)
  • How she has used accountability groups not only in her business, but to help her find her husband, start a family and create work-life equilibrium
  • Why accountability doesn’t need to be hard, and can actually become a fun game
  • Why getting feedback is actually the fastest way to get into action
  • Why you shouldn’t worry even if there are so many others who do what you do
  • Her two go-to tips for when you’re feeling discouraged 

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About Tanya:

I started my first company at 25 and grew it to over $1 million in revenue in the first year. Since then, I have founded, bootstrapped, sold and invested in five companies. In my spare time I’m a runner, and I wondered why, as an entrepreneur, I didn’t have a coach to course-correct my stride and daily touch points to help me feel like I was a part of a bigger community. I wanted to start a company where people could have a team on their side to achieve their dreams.


About Your Host Christine Gallagher: 

Hi there! I’m a speaker, trainer, bestselling author and award-winning business coach and I founded ShesGotClients.com in 2009. At She’s Got Clients we’re dedicated to teaching spiritual-minded coaches, experts, leaders and practitioners how to add $100k+ in new revenue (much of it recurring) with simplified marketing and intentional energy direction. (And to keep most of that in PROFIT, while working less.) I’m also the creator of the 90/10 Method. I believe that when female entrepreneurs learn how to share their gifts and their message in a much bigger way by creating intentional, leveraged offers, they will not only dramatically elevate their expert status and enjoy more income, they also become a force for positive change in the world.


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