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“It’s time for me to reveal… and give you an in-depth look behind the scenes to share with you what my team and I have done to multiply our marketing results, convert more clients, and create more time freedom… all by SHAKING THINGS UP! You’ll get concrete strategies and tips you can put in to place immediately! I can’t wait to share all of this with you. Be sure to secure your spot now and I’ll see you there!”    ~Christine


shake6The ONE easy rule I adopted when looking at the numbers in my business that allowed me to more than double my income in under 12 months. (This was a huge a-ha, and you don’t need to be an accountant or even particularly financially savvy to do it! You will love this.)

shake6The single FRESH strategy I implemented for list-building that has increased the opt-ins on my website by over 400% in the last 5 months alone. (Hint: this will also vastly improve the QUALITY of your leads–BUT, there is a very specific way of doing it. I’ll share how. You don’t want to miss hearing about this!)

shake6The few simple tweaks I applied to my marketing message that have led to signing on many more ideal, love-to-work-with-them clients who immediately see me as the ONLY person they want to coach with. (This is really easy for you to do, too, and BONUS–doing this will help you feel more authentically “you” than ever before!)

shake6Four ways to easily stay in touch with hot prospects and current or former clients that is the OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing–and will dramatically increase your conversion and retention. (This is guaranteed to work wonders and it will barely cost you anything!)

shake6The three powerful productivity techniques I added that have slashed the amount of hours I work per week by almost 30%. (If you do these few simple things, you’ll also easily abolish those pesky energy leaks that have been chipping away at you! I’ll show you how.)

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