Check Out Impacting Millions®  
+ $7500 In Bonuses From Me!

Check Out
Impacting Millions®  +
$7500 In Bonuses From Me!

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What is Impacting Millions®?

IMPACTING MILLIONS® teaches you how to connect with the media and land high-exposure opportunities, so you can get featured, published, and interviewed (so you can ultimately reach more people and impact more lives). Because you’re not interested in playing small your entire life. You’re interested in making a world-changing impact.


IMPACTING MILLIONS® is right for you if…
  • You’re just getting started as a coach, consultant, service provider, or course creator. You feel lost in a sea of people doing work similar to yours… and you’re ready to stand out.
  • You’ve been in business for a few years, but you’re not getting the attention or clients you know your business deserves. (You know you’re amazing at what you do – you just need more people to know that, too.)
  • You’re an established 6-figure or multi-6 figure entrepreneur who dreams of writing books, being on television, or being seen as the top leader in your industry.

My Impacting Millions® Bonuses:

1 Full Year of 1 on 1 Laser Coaching With Me ($3997 value)

Done For You Personalized 12 Month Marketing Calendar  + 45 Minute Strategy Call With Me to Nail Your Profit Plan ($997 value)

Build Your List With Facebook Masterclass ($597 value)

My “ATTRACT-NURTURE-CONVERT” Mega Training Bundle including: 1) How to Create Your Perpetual Lead Pipeline; 2) How to Warm Your Prospects with Facebook Groups; 3) The Strategy Session Solution ($1997 value)

Personal Intros to the Top 3 Influencers in My Rolodex (Priceless!)


1 Full Year of 1 on 1 Laser Coaching With Me (Fast Action: Sign up before 11:59pm ET on Friday, April 3rd) ($3997 value)

You will have a link that you can use for the next year to schedule unlimited 15 minute coaching sessions with me. During each session, we’ll discuss your progress and determine what you need to do next. You have one full year to get on the phone with me for as many sessions as you like to get ‘er done and reach your goals. If you’re ready to have a world class business coach in your corner for the next full year, then this bonus is a no-brainer!

Done For You Personalized 12 Month Marketing Calendar  + 45 Minute Strategy Call With Me to Nail Your Profit Plan ($997 value)

If you’re unsure how to create (and stick to!) a marketing calendar you can easily follow, then this will be GOLD for you. I’ll personally interview you about your goals and then turn it into a powerful game plan that you can plug and play in your business. Never guess about what you should be doing with your marketing again! Not only that, I’ll throw in a 45-minute private 1 on 1 call with me to map out exactly how to reach your income goals.

Build Your List With Facebook Masterclass ($597 value)

Facebook can be an enigma for entrepreneurs who may understand its power, but get tripped up on what to say and do to build their brand, entice people to work with them, and show up as their most authentic self. I’ve got it down to a science, and I’m sharing all in this Masterclass. I’ll be putting an emphasis on growing your list and community, as that’s where the TRUE power of your social media presence lies. Get ready for clear actions, tried and true best practices, and learning how to spend the LEAST amount of time there while still making a huge impact.

My “ATTRACT-NURTURE-CONVERT” Mega Training Bundle ($1997 value)

What you learn in this (previously only available to my Mastermind clients) bundle alone could make you tens of thousands of dollars. Why? Because it has for me and my clients! It’s challenging getting enough leads consistently enough to reach your income goals. In this bundle I’ll teach you how to build a pipeline so that you get leads coming in every single day; how to engage and nurture your peeps with Facebook Groups; and how to close more prospects without having to feel pushy or salesy.

Personal Intros to the Top 3 Influencers in My Rolodex (Priceless)

We all know that building relationships takes time, and that it’s especially challenging (and maybe intimidating!) to make meaningful connections with big name “heavy hitters.” Well, I’m giving you a massive shortcut. I’m blessed to have friendships with some of the biggest influencers out there, and trust by association is real. Let me give you the fast track to getting in conversation with some of the hottest names in marketing that we all know!


Oprah Magazine said YESSSSSSSS to me! One of my dreams come true. I shared a story about the best gift I’ve ever gotten and they love it. My life is amazing.

Thank you Selena Soo for this course, the encouragement, and these opportunities.

Tepsii Thendo Lufuno Tshikororo

I’m ecstatic that my Entrepreneur on Fire interview went LIVE today!!! I could not have gotten this without Impacting Millions® and the Insider shares here.

Tree Franklin

So excited to share! Was just featured in Business Insider thanks to the amazing Selena Soo!

Emily Williams

I had been thinking about writing about this topic for almost a year now. When the Manchester City bombing occurred (followed by other attacks around the world) I knew I needed to get this idea out there SOON. I knew it could help people, and that now was a good time to get the message out there. Fortunately, thanks to Selena, this course, and this group, I knew exactly what channels to go to to get published! Today I woke up with my first Elephant Journal post! Very excited to share it with you all.

Jeremy Lipowitz


I am a proud partner of the Impacting Millions program. If you enroll through my link, I will receive a commission which means I can provide you with extra bonuses to make your experience even better! I only promote people and programs that I stand behind 100% and that I know will help you create real results in your business.

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