I’m practically geriatric in terms of the online marketing game. tongue-out

Been at it since 2006 in various forms…

And one of the things that was drilled into my head for a long time was that you needed to have something “low ticket.”

This was described in various ways, the most popular being as part of the “Profit Pyramid” or “Product Funnel…”

You know, the $47 or $197 or $497 thing at one end, leading up to your $X premium offer.

These days it’s popularized as the “tiny offer” thang… or a “tripwire.”

“Ya gotta have low ticket stuff for the people who want a taste first before they’ll shell out for the ‘high ticket’ thing, dontchaknow?!”

Or – and I totally get the reasoning behind it – the slightly more disempowering:

“Some people just won’t ever be able to ‘afford’ your high end offers, so you need to give them something to meet them where they’re at, too…”

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a lower-priced thing makes sense… and the thinking behind it isn’t necessarily “wrong” per se.

I offered lower-priced courses, products, programs, etc. for years. Sometimes I still do, and it can make sense as part of a bigger strategy.

This isn’t black or white.

But here’s the thing…

It can be very easy… and dare I say, seductive, to jump on the low ticket train when you see everyone else doing it.

Or, when you’re learning from people who say that’s the way it’s always been done. (And they’re doing it too.)

Or, you take to heart this idea that you need to be able to serve everyone, at different price points.

Heck, I’ve taught it to my own clients too!

And like I said, it’s not always the wrong way to go about things.

But here’s where the train goes off the tracks…

Your OFFERS determine your income.

If you’re always scrambling to sell $497 or $997 or even $1997 offers…

You’re working dang HARD.

OK, well then… what about volume, Christine?

Just grow your list more, build your audience bigger, hustle the people in the door… and you’ll sell more, no?

Well… I don’t know about you, but at this point in my business career, I’m all about ease and simplifying. And that’s NOT how I want to spend my days.

Again, nothing is black or white, and yes, an email list is a handy thing to have.

But to have to keep “feeding the beast” in order to sell more low priced stuff that you’re probably overstuffing with too many things anyway, for often the neediest clients?

No thank you.

You may then say…“Well, won’t some of those people ‘upgrade’ to your more expensive thing?”

Sure, some may. Nothing wrong with that!

But… it’s still going to be a hustle and grind.

When I used to get stuck here, well-meaning peeps would tell me:

“Oh, it’s that you just don’t have an offer on ‘evergreen’ yet. That will solve your problem.”

And look, evergreen offers can be awesome!

But again… where do those evergreen buyers need to come from?

Feeding the beast. For example, Facebook ad spend… that you can’t ever turn off, because then what happens?

You guessed it. The money taps run dry.

(Hey, I still like ads for certain strategies for sure. But always having to cut into my profit with ad spend off the top? Or paying an agency to run the ads to boot? Not so much.)

If you want consistent months at $20k, $30k, $50k, or more… and you want to keep most of that in profit… and you don’t want to rely on “volume” to get your numbers where you want them to be…

You gotta look at things a little differently.

Here’s how we do it in my Mastermind, where we show our clients how to scale to $500k+ per year, with repeat revenue in the door every month, without having to be on the low ticket train, the build-your-list-til-you’re-blue-in-the-face train, or the dump-gobs-of-profit-into-Facebook-ads-or-a-sales-team train.


We create, dial-in, or revamp your core Leveraged OFFERS that easily call in your most delightful, ideal clients, and move you out of the hustle and grind for good.

First, your Leveraged Intro Offer (priced on average around $5k) that enrolls your Leveraged Revenue Offer FOR you while positioning you as a go-to leader. (Without having to “sell hard” – and without feeling obligated to market constantly, the way “everybody else does.”)

Then, your Leveraged Revenue Offer (typically $15k and above) that will predictably add $20k-$50k+ in repeat income to your business each month, using simple marketing… while loving up your clients doing what you’re most genius at.

Finally, your Leveraged Lead Magnet that brings forth your Soulmate Clients with a lot less effort… the ones that are a true pleasure to work with, who get so much value from you that they happily renew without question.

Lastly… we keep doing that on repeat. 😉

Again, there are alternatives… and knock yourself out if you’d rather play the long (longggg) game and immerse yourself in the typical marketing strategies you see all around you.

There is no judgment, because some of them are very valid ways to bring in business, and I still pepper them in when it makes sense.

Personally, though, it’s more fun and lucrative to do things a bit differently… and you might even be at the place I was, which was… craving more simplicity and “needle movement” without so much complication and striving.

Ready for a simpler way?

Enrollment is now open for The Mastermind – Powered by She’s Got Clients.

What we’re after?

Adding $20k-$50k+ a month in repeat revenue in 20 hours a week with a Leveraged Offer (without exhausting 1-on-1 work or all the marketing stuff you don’t love.)

You’ll cut your hours down by half, and your time wasted on all the bright shiny marketing strategies by even more, if you want.

We have spots open for ambitious, established service providers (wellness professionals, healers, experts, coaches, consultants, etc.) who are ready to scale to $20-$50k+ months on their own terms.

Is that you?

Send me a message here for the deets.



P.S. Happy Holidays and all the good stuff. 🙂

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