Embodying the High Paid Woman you’re meant to be…

While reclaiming HOURS of your life and increasing your PROFIT… feels amazing.

How does It ALL start?

It starts with stepping into the leader role you’re meant for.

How does that happen?

By operating from a vibrational frequency that moves you out of so much “doing,” and into a place of optimal “being” instead.

See, it sounds counter-intuitive… but in order to scale your business you actually need to simplify. Do less, offer less, work less.

If you’re an established service provider (coach/healer/expert/leader, etc.) who:

  • Is capped income and time wise
  • Is still doing too much stuff that doesn’t necessarily move your income forward
  • Knows you could and should be charging more
  • Has seen (or even done!) all the online marketing strategies and tactics and feel drained by it…

You’ll want to lean in.

I’m going to take you behind the scenes of how I’ve built a business based on LEVERAGE, and removed the once-frustrating ceiling on my income… while working with only Soulmate clients.

If creating leveraged income hasn’t come easily for you, you’re not alone.

Most of us haven’t learned a predictable way to create bigger paydays whenever we want, doing what we LOVE and do best…

And WITHOUT long sales calls, constant launching, or having to be marketing all the time.

Let’s shift all that, shall we?

It’s the perfect time to empower yourself with tools to create leveraged offers and simplified marketing that feels good.

And to keep more PROFIT, while working less.


Join me for a FREE 5 Day Journey to Embodying the High Paid Woman You’re Meant to Be… With Leveraged Offers and Simplified Marketing… in Half the Time.

We start on Monday, March 22nd!

In this 5 day journey you’ll experience:

  • How to align to the frequency of your Highest Self to expand your audience and fill your programs
  • How to add 6 figures+ to your business in the next 12 months… while cutting your hours in half
  • How to magnetize Soulmate clients at any level through simple, powerful messaging
  • How to step into the ENERGY of the woman who attracts the high-achievers who pay high-end fees – and calls them in, whenever she chooses

Each day for 4 days you’ll join me for a live lesson in a private Facebook group with the opportunity to ask me questions…

And on day 5, we’ll tie it all together with a special Masterclass on how to create predictable cash flow via a simplified, empowering, no-brainer enrollment process.

I can’t wait to teach you how to scale your service business, while getting out of the scrambling-every-month-for-income grind.

We’re also going to have a lot of fun. (Did somebody say CONTEST?) 🙂


With Love,




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