Pre-Game: Who’s Your Who? Claining Your Soulmate Client


Who’s Your WHO?

Write a 1-2 sentence description of your Soulmate client.

4 Keys That “Let Your Offers Do the Talking” So You Can Sign Up Soulmate Clients With Less Effort


Create your Offer Promise:

1. Think of a Soulmate client’s struggle – how would they describe it?

2. Which of your offers would best support them?

3. What outcome (that they already want) would be the result if you solved their struggle?

4. Create the Offer Promise in 1 sentence: “When we work together, we’re going to…”

5. Do a check: are you using their words and painting the details?

What REALLY Makes Your Soulmate Clients Say: “I Want That!”


Do the Offer Interest Post and get it in front at least 10 ideal clients. The wording is here.

Use this wording to post on your social media (on your profile, in a group if you have one, etc. – basically the place where you get the most engagement AND you know you’re connected to at least some people who would fit the profile of your Soulmate client.)

The Energy and Frequency of Scaling With EASE (While Cutting Your Marketing Time in Half)


Set up some sales conversations (keeping in mind the Aligned Worth tenet and “how close to the hole” they are.)

These conversations can be held however you’d like: phone or DM, for example.

The Overlooked Way to Call Forward Soulmate Clients in Your Messaging

How Our Clients Sign Up $15k+ Clients in 15 Minutes

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