Free Masterclass Training Series for Female Coaches, Leaders, Mentors and Experts Reveals...

"How to Consistently Close High Ticket Clients - WITHOUT Sales Calls or Big Launches - So You Can Scale In Half the Time."

(Even With a Small Audience!)

Join Me For the 5 Day Sacred Scaling Series Happening June 21st - 25th, 2021 @1pm ET


Award-Winning Business Coach and Leveraged Offer Expert Christine Gallagher Presents The Sacred Scaling Masterclass

In These 5 Days You Will Learn the NEW Paradigm for Scaling:


  • How to Sign Up High Ticket Clients Without Needing a Big Email List, Funnels, Webinars, Huge Launches, or Endless Sales Calls

Instead of weeks-long launches, long "discovery" calls, or a bunch of exhausting marketing - have your best-of-the-best clients say: "When can we start?" at DOUBLE the fees you normally charge – with just a few SHORT Messenger conversations


  • How to Call in Clients That Easily Pay For Your High Ticket Offer So You Can Scale in Half the Time

Learn how to "up-level" your niche and client base - no more hearing "I can't afford it" from non-ideal peeps (we can graciously bless and release them, and call in right-fit clients who pay with ease)


  • How to Eliminate Hours Spent on Social Media, and Use Simple Messaging Instead So You Can Add 6 Figures+ in Revenue This Year

Learn how to speak to a SPECIFIC client, a SPECIFIC pain, and SPECIFIC outcome in your emails and posts, so your content does the "heavy lifting" for you (and you can get OFF the "marketing all the time" train and get OFF sales calls)


  • How to Create a Leveraged Offer So Spot On That it Practically Sells Itself, AND Rolls People Into Your Ongoing, Recurring Revenue Offer

Craft an Easy YES offer you can sell without sales calls, for an income infusion on the FRONT end and Soulmate clients lining up for your high ticket offers on the BACK end


  • How to Use a Simple Enrollment Process to Sign Up Ultra-Ideal Clients Over Email and DM in 15 Minutes or Less

No more 60+ minutes of "objections busting" over the phone (or giving up commissions to a sales team!)


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“Coaching with Christine, I had my first five-figure months (four in a row), was able to take 6 weeks off to work on a book, then added almost 900 people to my mailing list in 3 weeks with my first summit.”

-Robyn Landis

“While working with Christine, I made the most money I have ever made in one marketing event! From one webinar with a small amount of registrants, I made over $16,000. That was HUGE!”

-Amy Lundberg

“As a direct result of Christine’s program, I brought in an additional $39,000 in revenue in 6 weeks just from simple messages through Messenger. You are going to get a ten-fold return on what you invest, so it’s way worth it.“

-Tanya Varley


Hey There!

I'm Christine Gallagher and I teach female coaches, leaders, experts, and mentors how to add $20k-$50k+ to their monthly recurring income with a leveraged offer... without all the typical marketing hoopla that drives them nuts, or exhausting 1 on 1 work... while cutting their hours in half.

There’s nothing like being your own boss... because when you’re an entrepreneur, you control your own destiny.

But… too often you create what just feels like another job for yourself. (I know - because for a long time, that was me!)

Your TIME... your life... is sacred.

There’s a better way. During the 5-day series you’ll get to hear a little more about my story and get to know my down-to-earth, Jersey/Philly born and bred personality. (Now living it up in the sunshine of Florida's gorgeous Gulf Coast!) We'll roll up our sleeves and get to work, but we’re definitely going to have fun along the way, too!

With Love,