Are You Ready to Enroll MORE Clients Into $3K-$20K+ Programs, While Reclaiming HOURS Of Your Life and Increasing the PROFIT You Keep?



Hi, Entrepreneur… Take a Moment and Imagine This With Me…

Imagine waking up every morning to new orders in your inbox. 5 or more prospects contact you each week, and they’re already pre-qualified… and chomping at the bit to hire you.

Your email list grows by the hundreds each week, industry leaders contact you regularly to joint venture with them, and you’re a recognized expert in your niche.

Your marketing is systematized and automated, you have an assistant (or team) that handles ALL the details… and you’re making more money than ever before (while working less).

You have passive and leveraged income… you’re sharing your gifts with more people than you ever dreamed was possible… and making a true IMPACT in the word, changing lives and giving back to the causes that are the most close to your heart.
You live a much more fulfilling life…

You have more time for you and your loved ones…

You are incredibly grateful for what you get to do for a living, every day.

So… why is this still a dream??

It’s likely that…

  • You’re in overwhelm, with too many choices
  • You’re not clear on your message
  • You’re not marketing enough
  • Your actions are inconsistent
  • You’re not growing your list
  • You don’t have systems in place
  • You’re too reliant on one stream of income (feast or famine)
  • You’re not charging enough
  • You’re not delegating
  • You don’t have a business model (or one that makes sense)
  • You don’t believe you can do this
  • You’re playing too small

This all adds up to (self) sabotage.

Know THIS:

Your MARKETING is your MOTOR in your business, and without a solid, consistent plan for it, you’ll only end up stuck at a standstill.

Here’s the truth: your dream clients are out there, and they WANT to pay you.

But how can they, when they can’t even find you?

Day after day, I see business owners who have SO much to give… so many talents to share… end up stuck and – let’s be real – depressed, because they still feel invisible to those they want to help, despite their best efforts.

On the one hand, they feel like they’re doing the work, putting in the hours, and following what all the coaches and trainers say to do…

But on the other hand, there seeing very little in the way of results, despite all of their labor.

Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe it.

It honestly hurts my heart.

I’ve been in this online business game for 12 years, and I have noticed that many of my fellow entrepreneurs who’ve been in the trenches for just as long often CAN’T relate to this pain.

It’s too distant, too foreign, and let’s face it, maybe even too painful to spend time thinking about.

So how the heck can they really help you??

They’re too far “removed.”

In a sense I get it… and yet it kind of ticks me off.

Because it only takes me a second to transport myself back there in my mind – to a time when I was anxious every single day – wondering if my little business was going to make it.

Wondering what others had that I apparently didn’t.

Wondering if I was point blank INSANE for thinking I could pull this entrepreneurial thing off.

I’ll never be too far removed to relate to that, not only because the memories are strong, but because I know how unbelievably grateful I was back then to hear from people further along the path than me.

To hear that they weren’t an “overnight success” although it seemed so on the outside. I clung to that, because sometimes it was all I had.

Meanwhile, things have changed dramatically since I hung out my virtual shingle in the depths of the recession in early 2009.

There are more business owners online, which is not a bad thing, but there is also more NOISE than ever. More people competing for our attention.

More obstacles to being seen and heard.

Here’s the Main Problem:

When you are taking courses and absorbing content from those supposedly in the know, you are only getting PART of equation.

You’re getting generalized “tactics” and gimmicks instead of tried-and-true, tested and proven strategies.

You’re being told to simply “post more” or be more “persistent.”

You’re being handed “blueprints” or “step-by-step plans” that aren’t actually grounded in reality.

You’re being advised that you can only reach lots of people by investing in ads.

You’re being given complicated 86-part funnels to go implement by next week.

You’re being instructed to dig through an unbelievable amount of content, and then turned loose on your own to go make something of it.

It’s madness.

There is a better way. It comes down to essence.

Here’s what I mean: Over my 12 years in business – yes, spanning over a decade of trial and error – I’ve run the experiments and tested the strategies. I’ve looked at what creates the most movement of the needle, and extracted the heart of what truly creates lasting momentum and forward motion, and tossed the fluff.

(Don’t even get me started on the fluffy stuff. It’s rampant, I tell you.)

The bottom line? I’ve distilled it down to its essence.

And guess what? The essence is not the complicated stuff. It’s not the stuff that makes your head spin and make you want to give up from the start because all seems like TOO MUCH.

Rather, the essence of creating marketing and an online presence that doesn’t overwhelm you, and actually delivers you the results that you want comes down to a few core concepts.

You do not need to do, know, and be everything under the sun, despite what you’ve been told.

To REV up your marketing, you need 3 simple ingredients:

Reach (Impressions)
Expert Status (Influence)
Visibility (Impact)

So Let’s Break This Down, Guided by Our 3 “I’s.”

First, in order to begin creating IMPRESSIONS on others regarding who we are and how our work serves people, it makes sense that we first have to REACH them, right? (Getting heard and seen)

Then, in order to INFLUENCE others in the marketplace, we need to be seen as an EXPERT. (Getting liked and trusted)

Finally, in order to make a consistent, true IMPACT on others, we need to stay consistently VISIBLE. (Getting followed and paid)

THIS is how you get more clients, week after week.

This is my go-to 3-pronged strategy tested over 12 years online, to consistently deliver fast, foolproof results.

I hope this shows you that it does NOT need to be complicated! No gimmicks, no complicated funnels, no 89-step process.


Is This Just “Another Course” I’ll End Up Doing Nothing With?

The Elephant in the Room…

I’ve been creating income online since 2006. I’ve seen a lot of fads… as well as online “gurus” come and go.

Yes, people have been creating online programs for a long time. But you may have noticed that in the past couple of years alone, there has been an absolute glut of them.

Many of them are legit, of course. And some of them are being sold by people with a real lack of integrity. (But that’s a topic for another day.)

What I’m really talking about is the Elephant in the room: that the majority of people who buy and participate in online programs NEVER do a thing with them.

I believe the statistic is somewhere around 10% – only 10% of people actually take action and put what they’ve learned to use.

WHAT??? It’s crazy, but I am sure you can relate. Hey, I’ve been guilty of this myself!

This sad state of affairs is why I am doing things a lot differently with the REV program, because I’ve baked in massive accountability and implementation. Here’s what I mean:

  • You’ll receive pre-work to complete and return to me so you get into action even before our first class kicks off
  • With every class you’ll work with me individually afterward via our private community to establish your action plan for that’s week’s lesson – and how you’ll put it into place in your own business
  • I’ll be honest, my clients and students will tell you I’m kind of a stalker when it comes to making sure you’re doing what you committed to! I won’t let you fall through the cracks – not on my watch!
  • I’m keeping the program small so everyone can get the personalized attention they deserve

Bottom line: this program is very hands on and action oriented, so that you can actually get your gifts out there and create income!

If you know it’s time to get your visibility and marketing plan DONE and out there already (and actually making you money), then this program is for you.

Let’s take the Elephant out of the equation, shall we? 🙂

So.. if you’ve ever said to yourself: “I’ve already got WAY too much information! What I need is to implement!”

…then I’d like to ask you, what is going to change if you remain left to your own devices?

The structure of this program won’t let you leave it up to chance. YES!

OK Christine, But What Will I Actually Be Learning in REV?

Remember Our 3 Simple Ingredients to REV Up Your Marketing?

Reach (Impressions)

Expert Status (Influence)

Visibility (Impact)

We’ll be diving into all 3 of those areas over the course of REV.

Now, people who know me well know I’m a pretty practical gal. REV is NOT about “You’ll make a million dollars by next week!!” (Are you as tired of the pie-in-the-sky hyperbole out there as I am??)

What REV IS about is a creating your practical, doable, sustainable plan that will allow you to expand your audience and expert status every single day… so you get more clients – easier, and consistently.

REV is Taught LIVE by me. Here’s a Sampling of What We’ll Cover:

REACH (Weeks 1 & 2)

  • Signature Talk: I will craft this WITH you so you’ll always be ready & confident for any speaking gig or interview.
  • PR/Pitching media and podcasts: I will craft your dynamic pitch WITH you so you book more media appearances.
  • Simplified social media: I’ll partner WITH you to create a plan where you spend LESS time on social media, and still INCREASE your results.
  • Stress-free content creation: I’ll partner WITH you and your strengths to create a simplified content plan built around the way YOU prefer to communicate.

EXPERT STATUS (Weeks 3 & 4)

  • Simple market and message clarity: I’ll partner WITH you to uncover (or revise) your niche and write your irresistible marketing message so you get more clients.
  • Getting social proof: I’ll partner WITH you to create a system for continually collecting client testimonials and case studies that help more people trust you.
  • Leveraging referrals: I’ll partner WITH you to create a simple system that automatically brings in continuous referrals.
  • Collaborations: I’ll create your plan and craft your email invite WITH you to reach out to the people you’d love to joint venture with, and share best practices for partnerships to ensure it will be lucrative.

VISIBILITY (Weeks 5 & 6)

  • Building community: I’ll partner WITH you to create a doable list building and nurturing plan so your audience expands every day.
  • Captivating copy: I’ll partner WITH you to find your voice and confidence to create social posts and sales copy that gets people to take ACTION.
  • Aligned offers: I’ll partner WITH you to create, package up, & price your program, product, or service so it sells.
  • Planning out your calendar (and sticking to it): I’ll partner WITH you to create a marketing calendar that’s simple and easy to stick to so your marketing gets DONE!

HERE’S A PEEK AT SOME OF THE JUICY RESOURCES, TEMPLATES & SWIPE FILES YOU’LL RECEIVE (Just a couple of these alone are already worth the whole cost of the course!)


  • My Editorial Calendar Template to Plan Out Your Content 
  • My 14 Content “Idea Sparks” to Attract Your Ideal Audience
  • My Signature Talk Template
  • My Podcast Pitch Email Swipe Copy
  • My Media and Podcast Pitching Tracking Spreadsheet


  • My Joint Venture Plan Cheat Sheet
  • My Warm Letter Template
  • My Referral Ask Template 
  • My Compelling Story Template
  • My Template for Questions to Ask When Collecting Testimonials


  • My Opt-In Page Template
  • My List Building Goal Tracker
  • My Weekly Marketing Plan Template
  • My Offer Creation Template
  • My 12 Quick Community Building Strategies

AND, Introducing a NEW Bonus Class… All About MINDSET.

Everyone who joins REV will enjoy a brand new bonus class taught live by me:

How to Align Your Energy to Attract More Clients

The mission of this class is to guide you through a powerful process that will shift how you handle your fears, give you permission to own your expertise, and finally allow you to get out of your own way—so that you are empowered to reach many more of the people who need you.

  • You’ll learn the top five things that are keeping you from creating the income you desire, and how to eliminate them from your life
  • I’ll show you how to change your “money story” so it stops working against you (even if you’ve been telling it for decades)
  • You’ll learn how to consistently choose courage over fear
  • You’ll discover how to reprogram your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts… and more. 

The marketing is crucial, but without the right mindset, all the marketing in the world won’t matter.

There Are Tons of Courses Out There Promising Results. Why Should I Learn From YOU?

I Walk My Talk

I may be a bit ahead of you on the path, but once upon a time I was where YOU are.

I’ve got many, many lessons to share – pitfalls, traps, mistakes, best practices – so that you can avoid the long (and often painful) lessons and learning curves I had to overcome to get here!

For nearly 12 years, I’ve coached and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs (and entrepreneurs in the making), across 26 countries and counting.

My gift is helping you grow a leveraged business that sings to your soul, and also supports you very well financially.

I blend business strategy with mindset work to help my clients birth their big ideas, nail their marketing, launch their sacred programs, create huge visibility, serve many more people, and meet and exceed their biggest income goals.

All while building a business that’s aligned with your purpose, passion, and highest values.

I’m also very techie, and this comes in super handy when helping you build your business online! Most business coaches aren’t, and therefore lack the crucial ability to support you in the technical side of things. (And, I’ve got 2 Masters degrees to back it up.)

My techie background plus my passion for marketing and entrepreneurship, plus my expertise in social media and online visibility has led to business success for myself and my clients, all over the world.

I’ve been featured as a social media marketing expert in Newsday and Social Media Examiner, as well as profiled as one of “16 Brilliant Business Minds on Twitter” by The Huffington Post. I recently released my own groundbreaking book, entitled There’s More to Life Than This.

WE Magazine for Women named me one of the Top 100 Women in E-Commerce, and in 2014 I won the Bronze in the “Mentor/Coach of the Year for Business” category of The Stevie Awards for Women in Business. (More than 1,200 entries were submitted.)

My newsletters, products, and online reach now educate and inspire over 50,000 people every month.

What I am most proud of though, are the results I’ve helped so many entrepreneurs achieve. You can see some of their success stories a little further down this page. (They’re also happy to chat with you personally about their experience if you’d like!)

Here’s What’s Included in This Program:

Access to my Client Portal and pre-work to kickstart our momentum

Seven 60-90 minute training sessions with me including Q&A 

Individual action plan creation between our classes related to that week’s lesson – for how you’ll put what you’ve learned into place in your own business!

Access to “cheat” sheets, swipe files, templates and and simple-to-follow tech tutorials as needed

Technical support (I’m pretty geeky, so as a bonus I am happy to help with any techie questions or issues you run into when you are implementing!)

Private Facebook community where I’ll be very accessible to help with all of your questions, items you need reviewed, and advice in-between our live classes

Recordings of all live training classes

Lifetime access to all materials in the program, including any future updates

Results and Success Stories From Students:

As a direct result of Christine’s program, I brought in an additional $39,000 in revenue in 6 weeks just from simple messages through Messenger. You are going to get a ten-fold return on what you invest, so it’s way worth it

Tanya Varley

Transformational Coach

“Because of Christine’s course I’ve gotten much clearer on my ideal client, and re-committed myself to a much more consistent marketing and branding strategy. I’ve crafted a much more effective sales funnel and have a much better handle on lead generation. I can’t recommend Christine highly enough!”

Susan Baker

Career Consultant

I was in a yearlong program where I didn’t get in 12 months as much value and traction as I got in just 3 weeks with Christine. This has been my favorite coaching experience I’ve had in 3 years. Hands down. My advice for those thinking of working with Christine? Do it! You will uplevel.

Robyn Landis

Health & Fitness Coach

While in Christine’s program, I made the most money I have ever made in one marketing event! From one webinar with a small amount of registrants, I made over $16,000. That was HUGE! Hire her – you will not regret it and you will go further than you expect with her help.

Amy Lundberg

Certified Fitness Trainer & Intuitive Eating Coach

“I have come to trust Christine as someone who not only has knowledge and insight, but also a genuine desire to see people succeed in doing what they love. You won’t find a more skilled or caring guide than Christine, and you’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge you can implement in your life and business.”

Marissa Polselli

Writing Pro

“Because of what I learned in Christine’s program, I have generated more revenue, and signed on a new client – through email! I created two new amazing programs in two days and raised my prices. I have gone through other programs but I have implemented more with hers than any of the others I’ve taken.”

Kim Ravida

Business Consultant

“In Christine’s course we were provided great tools and resources. Christine had so many useful slides, plug and play templates and the BRAINSTORMING session was the best! Also, giving us individual time to discuss out loud our headlines was so valuable! To walk away with the job done is OUTSTANDING! She saved us hours. I would definitely recommend her course to others – I have already – because you get so much.”

Carmela Schiano

Professional Life and Business Coach

As a result of Christine’s program, I created a social media calendar with each post content planned out for the entire year! I also delivered two webinars, created three opt-in gifts, and increased my overall web traffic by 28%. I got so much out of the Program that I was able to recoup my investment within 90 days! Working with Christine has been the best business decision I’ve made since I started my company.

Gail Kemeliotis

Certified Professional Manager, Certified Coach, & Master Logistician

During my time in Christine’s program, I was able to get the ‘back end’ of my business set up to be automated – a big time saver. I also created my marketing calendar for the entire year, including topics, and was able to hire someone to take care of my social media as well. I wanted to do more live speaking events, and this month alone I have landed 4 as well as a podcast opportunity! I’m now also working on a strategy to target virtual clients as well.

Monique Horb

Certified Professional Organizer

“I’ve taken several courses from Christine and she’s the real deal – committed to offering value and wants for your success – she walks the talk! Christine is very organized and really knows her topics.”

Janet Wise

Branding and Career Strategist

“Christine kept me accountable in her program. This ultimately brought me new, ideal clients and my income became consistent. I quickly made my investment back plus much more. Just DO IT!”

Kyna Baker

Business Manager & Operations Ninja

“Within one month of joining Christine’s program I increased my sales, developed a new membership program that enrolled members in seconds of its launch, and I held my first successful 2-day event!”

Sherita Sparrow

Nationally Renowned Therapeutic Art Specialist

“Since learning from Christine, I’ve held my first telesummit, increased my mailing list by 400 subscribers, filled my practice, and in the first quarter of this year I made more than I made the entire year before.”

Jeannie Spiro

Speaking Strategist, Sales and Business Coach

“As a result of Christine’s program, my business has grown significantly. With Christine’s guidance, I held my first live event! I’d been thinking about it for years, but I finally took action with Christine’s help. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Terry Welford

Training & Development Expert

“During my time in Christine’s program, I finally raised my fees, delegated and let go, and booked a vacation the first time in 5 years! Plus our Operating Income has grown by 30%!”

Holly Volpe

Interior Designer

“I’ve doubled my income, tripled my list in just a few short months, and recently held my first successful one-day event – all direct results of learning from Christine. I’ve also been able to see less clients and make more money.”

Erica Meloe

Physical Therapist

Our Ultra-Safe Guarantee

My intention is to make REV a no brainer to say yes to – so many people need this! Because of that, if you find that for some reason the program didn’t live up to what was promised, then I will give you a credit to use for another program or event (good for up to 12 months from purchase). You can even keep the bonuses.

I’m excited to share this experience with you! Know that it is very important to me to maintain an environment with a very high standard of encouragement, positivity, and inspired, action-oriented learning. Can’t wait!

Please Know I’m Purposely Keeping This Program Small. The REV Program is Only $997. 

Get Ready to BLOW UP in Impressions, Influence, and Impact. I Can’t Wait to Work Closely With You in This REVolutionary Program!

Rest assured your transaction is 100% secure and after we receive your information, you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.

PS: Still have questions about whether this program is right for you? Click here for our FAQ, or, feel free to email me directly at ceocg@ShesGotClients.com

P.P.S. Don’t forget–this program is 100% tax-deductible (just check with you accountant), so you have nothing to lose.

 FAQs: The Scoop on Common Questions About This Program

I’ve been in other programs before, and I wasn’t all that impressed. How is this one different?
Programs like this one only work if you work it. It’s not a magic bullet or a way to generate sudden overnight success. Commit to showing up, doing the work, and staying fully engaged. Then and only then will you reap the maximum benefit. (And we really want you to take action on everything you are learning–that’s super important to us.)

Do the work, follow the plan, get the results. It’s that simple. I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating this program and I prefer to work with action-takers who are ready to give it 100%!

Do I need to be in the coaching world or have a service-based business to benefit from this program?
No, because this program is about learning how to build relationships, market and sell–and that goes for products, programs or services. Brick and mortar businesses or virtual. If you need to market, sell or generate leads in your business, you will reap the benefits of this program.
I’m already using social media and building my list. Will this program be too basic for me?
I think you’ll find that this program is appropriate for entrepreneurs in various stages in their business–beginner, advanced, and somewhere in between. The best way to know if what this program covers is right for you is to review the information on the curriculum here on this page. For example, I often work with people who have been in business successfully for years–but just weren’t leveraging technology and the web to the fullest (or sometimes at all). With what they’ll learn in REV, they’ll be able to “super-charge” their already established, successful businesses even more.
How much time do I need to carve out and devote to this program?
As with anything in life, the more you put in to the program, the more you’ll get out. Plan to spend about 2 hours per week working through the material. It’s your choice how much you want to participate or not–and obviously we strongly recommend you take full advantage of everything you’ll be gaining access to!
How long will I have access to the materials for?
You have lifetime access to everything! (Which also means you can never truly “get behind.” :-))
What if I'm not a full time Entrepreneur... yet? (Or, I'm new in business)

I’ve worked with a lot of clients and students who started working with me in my programs while still in a job. Getting a stellar marketing education before you make that big leap is smart – it’s actually how I started! Doing so puts you ahead of the masses. If you’re newer to business, it’s actually a great point to begin getting training, because you’ll be guided by a seasoned pro from the get go. I love helping entrepreneurs brainstorm and birth their big ideas from the beginning, and you’ll be getting all the best practices and short cuts to dramatically shorten your learning curve as a new entrepreneur (or entrepreneur in the making.)

I’m on the fence about this group program. Can I just work with you privately?

If you want more personal attention, consider a VIP day with me or joining my 12 month Mastermind.

If you aren’t sure this is the right course for you, email me at ceocg@ShesGotClients.com and ask me anything. Let me know where you’re not feeling totally clear that this is your next step. We don’t want to put you in a program that isn’t a fit for you. I’ll answer any questions you have, so you can feel confident in your choice.

When will you offer it again? Why should I sign up right now?

This program will not be offered again until 2021. The longer you wait, the longer you put off your results!

What if I still have questions?

Shoot me an email at ceocg@shesgotclients.com – I’ll answer personally! Or, if you prefer, you can message me on facebook at http://facebook.com/christinegallagher – that’s my personal profile and I’m very accessible there as well.

As seen in:

ASO-newsday blogher ASO-socialmediatoday ASO-sme ASO-huffington_post

“As a result of Christine’s program, I tripled my income and I have regained clarity of what I want. I’m more confident, and back in touch with my core values. I am not afraid to let my personality shine.”

Lisa Olinda

World Class Executive Assistant

“Since being in her program, I am delegating more, systematizing my procedures, and running the business in a more automated way. I am now building the path to create more revenue for myself doing what I love. I get so much value learning from Christine.”

Danielle Monaco

Owner of the D. Monaco Boutique

“As a direct result of Christine’s program, my list has increased 40%, my revenue has increased by 50%, and I am totally 100% more confident in WHO I am and what I provide.”

Esther Hughes

Mentor & Guide to Women on a Mission

“Since beginning Christine’s program, I’ve raised the level of my services, my revenues, and my confidence – and marketing is an every day activity. I’m on target to increase revenues by 50% over last year.”

Christine Rothdeutsch

Technical Virtual Assistant and Business Manager

“As a direct result of Christine’s program I had my first $33,000 DAY in my business. I can say this confidently based on my personal experience with coaches, she is one of the best.”

Marilee Tolen

Holistic RN & Essential Oils Expert

“The program is absolutely amazing. I know I could not be where I am without Christine’s support. The plans I have now to take my business to the next level I couldn’t have even imagined even 6 months ago. She really is an amazing mentor.”

Jan Douglas

Designer & Pro Quilter

“With Christine’s suggestions, my email list more than tripled and I met my income goals for the year.”

Laura Peifer

Holistic Health Practitioner

“I made a ton of progress in Christine’s program! In a single week, not only did I book my first two 12 month clients, in the same week, I booked two 6 month clients and got a $5,000 keynote gig.”

Lisa Montanaro

Productivity Consultant, Speaker, and Author

“I’ve been blown out of the water at how much Christine has been able to deliver in her program. It was exactly what I needed: the plan, the steps, and the strategy. I’m no longer caught up in all the minutiae!”

Robin Dann

Art & Marketing Director

“Since learning from Christine my list has grown from 250 to over 2800, I have 350 new customers, and my team has quadrupled.”

Lacey Swartz

Sustainable Living and Ethical Business Specialist

“It wasn’t until I signed up for Christine’s program that I was able to get results – my list has grown by 50% and my sales have increased by 80%.”

Brenda Nicholson

ADHD Expert and Consultant

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