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ATTN: Small business owners, mompreneurs, coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, speakers and other solo professionals:

Learn How Facebook Can Help You Reach Potential Customers and Rapidly Grow Your Business (Part 1)

90 minute Podcast production of Facebook webinar

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In today’s unprecedented business environment, you need to avail yourself of every opportunity to reach out and touch your target market, and build business relationships in ways you never previously imagined. Especially in an economic downturn, an effective communications strategy is key.

It’s a whole new world out there when it comes to marketing your services and products. As a small business owner you have the ability to offer what the bigger players can’t–a personal, authentic connection directly with your prospective clients.

Facebook offers the perfect opportunity for you to connect with people who are interested in you and your offerings through conversation and relationship-building.

This Webinar will teach you how to apply Facebook marketing techniques to your small business. Connect with your ideal clients and stop blindly marketing to everyone in hopes that the“right” prospect will bite.

Add Facebook to your Business Marketing Plan without spending a ton of time and at little or no cost. Learn to “socialize” in under 15 minutes a day while attracting interest and attention to your business.

This interactive Webinar will teach you:

*The specific do’s and don’ts of marketing on Facebook
*Tips for setting up and effectively using Facebook Fan Pages
*The best ways to maximize the effectiveness of your profile
*Techniques for driving lots of traffic to your website or blog
*Strategies to effectively position you as the expert in your niche
*Tips for automating your Facebook marketing to better leverage your time…and more!

This info-packed session will also teach you how to devise an effective Facebook Strategy for your own business—one that will help consistently bring in new prospects and build relationships without worrying about having to do a “hard sell.”

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