The 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™

Are you a coach, consultant, or other solo professional who:

*Feels like they are in information overwhelm
*Has no idea what to do next
*Wants the ability to only work with their most favorite, ideal clients
*Is tired and burnt out from only working one-on-one with clients
*Wants to understand how to implement multiple streams of income
*Wants to make more money without working harder
*Is ready for someone to personally guide and help you along your path?

Yes? Well, then I’m here to help…

The 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™

I’ll teach you:

  • The right way to market using social media in order to avoid mistakes and missed opportunities
  • Setting up your first blogsite with WordPress and using it as your social “home base” for pulling in an abundance of new leads
  • Building profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to build relationships and convert friends and followers to clients and customers
  • Learning lots of really effective methods for driving traffic to your site and building a list of prospects to consistently market to
  • Implementing powerful marketing techniques to bring in more sales and more cash flow…and much, much more

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Website Without Worry

Are you a busy business owner who:

*Is excited about the product or service you have to offer to the world, but have been holding back from marketing it because you just don’t have a great-looking site to refer people to?
* Is tired of feeling like you are being held hostage by your webmaster, waiting for them to make simple changes and updates as the clock ticks away?
*Is making connections with prospects and referral partners in social media but aren’t seeing any results because you have nowhere to send them to strengthen the relationship further?
*Is intrigued by others who seem to have websites they are able to update and tweak in a snap, but aren’t sure where to begin to look to find something like this for yourself?
*Is ready to learn exactly how to use WordPress to create your very own worry-free website or blog—quickly and without hassles?

I want to help you with all of this, plus so much more, in my brand new product…

The Website Without Worry 4-Part Webinar Series

I’ll teach you how to:

  • Create your very own WordPress website or blog from scratch
  • Customize that site with themes, widgets and plugins
  • Integrate your site with the top social networking sites to increase traffic and boost your visibility
  • Tweak your site for maximum search engine optimization in a matter of minutes
  • Use your site to build an email list of prospects who are hungry for what it is you offer
  • Come up with consistent, fresh content for your site so that your visitors will keep coming back…and lots more!

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The LinkedIn Master Class

Are you a business owner or professional who:

* Feels like they aren’t even scratching the surface when it comes to the powerful biz-building capabilities of LinkedIn?
* Is unsure how to turn the time you’re spending on LinkedIn into actual results?
* Is tired of being confused about how to effectively cultivate relationships with your LinkedIn connections?
* Is ready to be handed specific, laser-focused strategies combined with a super-clear plan for accomplishing your business goals on LinkedIn?

Finally demystify LinkedIn and MASTER it in your business with my brand new product…

The LinkedIn Master Class 90-Minute Webinar

I’ll teach you:

  • How to create a clear and compelling profile
  • How to use specific, focused strategies to become highly visible
  • How to manage your time and avoid common time wasters
  • How to find and connect with ideal prospects and centers of influence
  • How to optimize your profile to rank higher in the search engines
  • How to integrate LinkedIn with other social networks, add video and import your blog…and a lot more

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Grow Your List—Grow Your Income

Are you a small business owner or solopreneur who:

* Is excited about what you have to offer the world, but unsure how to get the word out to larger groups of people?
* Is tired of seeing visitors to your website leave and never come back?
* Is building your list but have hit a plateau that you can’t seem to move past?
* Is confused about where to find targeted prospects to add to your list—and how to engage them?
* Is ready to learn exactly how to build your list with integrity and without struggle—so you can finally enjoy the kind of business and income you desire and deserve?

I’ll show you how to stop struggling with all of this in my info-packed product…

The Grow Your List—Grow Your Income 4-Part Webinar Series

In this 4-part series you’ll learn how to:

  • Put essential building blocks in place before you land your first subscriber
  • Replace your hit or miss efforts with simple and effective strategies that leverage your time and continuously boost your results
  • Strategically use social media sites to significantly increase your visibility and your list numbers
  • Get a lot more targeted traffic to visit your website or blog
  • Make it irresistible for loads of new prospects to become your subscribers
  • Start building your own list from scratch and guarantee it continues to grow at an accelerated pace—easily and automatically…and a lot more!

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Social Media Made Simple

Have you been on Facebook or Twitter for a while but feel like you still don’t “get it?”, or are unsure of even where to begin?

Do you find yourself getting lost and spending hours a day trying to build your list of friends and followers and respond to their conversations?

If so, then you’ll LOVE…

The Social Media Made Simple 5-Part Teleseries

You’ll learn:

  • Discover how social networking websites can open a floodgate of possibilities to attract clients
  • Make personal connections online with high-level business owners (people you never thought you’d get to meet)
  • Build a dynamic, influential network from the comfort of your home
    Attract raving fans who are excited to promote your business
  • Avoid costly mistakes that could ruin your professional image online – and instead create a unique “personal brand” people trust
  • Powerfully network on Facebook and Twitter in less than 15 minutes a day – and avoid common time-wasting traps…and so much more

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The Facebook Page Intensive


Are you wondering why so many others talk about how quick and easy it is to grow their businesses and find new prospects using Facebook?

Do you find yourself getting lost and spending a ton of time trying to make sense of how to set up a business Page or attract people to it?

Check out…

The Facebook Page Intensive 120 Minute Webinar

This hands-on webinar will teach you:

  • Exactly how to setup a Facebook Page that stands out from the rest
  • How to easily set up a content strategy that builds lots of buzz
  • How to get many more people to support your Page
  • How to encourage lots more interaction and response
  • How to integrate your Facebook Page with all your other social media sites
  • How to capture your Page’s visitors and convert them to subscribers…and lots more!

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Twitter Power Strategies

Twitter_Power_StrategiesAre you wondering why so many others talk about how quick and easy it is to grow their businesses and find new clients using Twitter?

Would you like to learn a bunch of cool tricks and strategies to have you spend less time on Twitter, but accomplish more?


Twitter Power Strategies 90 Minute Webinar

This info-packed webinar will teach you:

  • Build your list of followers, as well as your visibility and credibility
  • Generate valuable tweets that bring you more followers and more warm leads
  • Include content from relevant sources to provide great information without you having to always create it yourself
  • Create automated Twitter campaigns to promote your business, events, special offers, etc., and to cross-market them on other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and more
  • Use fun platforms that allow you to offer multimedia tweets to help you stand out and create a stronger relationship with your followers

Most of all, this session will also teach you the confidence and know-how to get business done on Twitter!

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