2020 so far has been quite… interesting, to put it mildly.

The pandemic, the news coming at us fast and furious…

But the thing is… I really do believe with every challenge… there is always the seed of an even greater opportunity.

An example of that for me was when I started this business in January 2009 in the depths of the Great Recession… and promptly got laid off from my then job a month later. (Oh, and I had JUST hired a business coach for year at a hefty price.) Gulp.

Of course now looking back, it was a giant blessing that allowed me to birth the business that has sustained me all these years and continues to grow.

And the same thing goes for you and your business right now.

Here’s the giant opportunity I see right now.

With the COVID pandemic, so many more people are now embracing the chance to learn virtually, and are clamoring for quality products, programs, and services online.

More people are at home and online looking for resources than ever before. And if you have something that can actually help them, now is the time to step forward and share it with them.

Now more than ever your community is searching for support and guidance.

And in addition to that?

By 2025, the global e-learning market will reach $325 billion USD. This means an incredible opportunity for you to not only capitalize on this massive growth, but to help more people than ever before.

So, if you know that you’d like to create your irresistible program, package or service and optimize it to sell on autopilot…

The time to craft your offer, communicate it, sell it, and be seen as a trusted messenger in this moment of history is NOW.

The time to step forward is NOW. This is when trust is built.

Here’s one way that I’m supporting you in this.

I’m hosting a Virtual Workshop called…

The Optimized Offer Virtual Implementation Workshop: Discover How to Nail Your Compelling Offer and Create the Plan to Get it Sold – Even in the Time of COVID, and Even if You Have No Idea Where to Start

I’d love for you to join me.

You’ll walk away with with your own optimized offer created and ready to sell.

Originally, I was going to charge $1497 for the workshop… but I wanted to make it easier for you to attend so it’s only $497…and we have a payment plan option too!

(If you’re wondering what the date is for the workshop – because the group going through the workshop is so small and intimate, I will be polling everyone who signs up in order to find an upcoming date that works for everyone – one of the perks of keeping the size limited!)

Head on over to https://shesgotclients.com/optimizedofferworkshop to register (there are limited spots!)

You got this!


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