You’ve listened carefully to what your market wants. In response, you’ve crafted your new offering with care.  You’re SURE it’s going to be hit and you’re ready to begin racking up those sales.

Tah-dah!  You’re ready to unveil your new product or service….and then….nothing.

Uh-oh.  What went wrong?

Well, you could have the most amazing offering in the world, but if you are not using some form of a launch strategy when you are ready to begin selling a new service or product, you could already be dead in the water.

Unfortunately, “if you build it they will come” does not apply here!

The solution? You need to create an increasing BUZZ and sense of excitement about your upcoming offer in order to increase the chances that people will buy. In fact, what is known as the “pre-launch” period is arguably more important than the launch itself—and take it from me, it can make a HUGE difference in the number of sales that you make.

It actually starts with the strong foundation of having a list you have been building a relationship over time with—a list who you have been continuously asking about what it is they most need help with.  However, don’t forget to incorporate these other important strategies for your most successful launch ever.


Through surveys to your list, comments on your blog or your interactions through social media, you will often uncover potential objections to your offering.  Don’t cringe, though!  This is actually a good thing to know, because you can then make sure you answer each of the objections for your prospect on the sales page for your new product or service.


If you have offered the product/program before and have testimonials, by all means gather them for the launch. If it is the first time you are offering it, consider giving it to colleagues for free in exchange for (an honest) testimonial prior to the launch.

A Complimentary Preview Call or Webinar

When I am launching something new, I spend just as much time and energy promoting a no-charge preview call all about the topic my new product, course or service will be covering.  Why?  Getting as many people as possible on an info-packed call about a topic they’ve raised their hand and said they care about is smart. Once they experience your knowledge, personality and excitement first-hand, they are more likely to buy once you tell them—live on the call—that your offering is ready for purchase.

Time Limit

Creating a sense of urgency around the release of a new offering can be a really effective strategy. This is one of my favorite techniques to use and it always results in more sales.  For example, consider offering special bonuses or a price break for the people who buy within a certain time frame.  (This is perfect for announcing on the aforementioned preview call.)

Limited Quantity

With physical products, if you are only producing a certain number of them, be sure to make this known.  A big buzz-builder tip: keep people informed periodically as the number available decreases via your website or by emailing your list.

Finally, make it an event! The idea is to build up as much buzz, excitement and anticipation as you can.  Once you’ve done that, you can count on more “ka-ching” than ever before. 🙂

Happy launching!

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