One of the absolute best ways to launch a new product, program or service is to hold what’s known as a “preview call”–a content-rich call “previewing” your upcoming offering and enticing your listeners to invest with you.

Initially, your job is to get as many people as possible to show up on the call–but that’s just the start. Once you’ve got their attention, there are several very specific AND strategic things you can do to ensure your call brings in the maximum number of sales.

Where do you begin? It all starts with telling your story. They need to know exactly WHY they should be listening to you. This is your chance to build trust and credibility by expressing how this particular topic you’re sharing has impacted your life or business for the better.

Next, it’s all about the PAIN factor. Remind your listeners of the cost involved by NOT getting this particular problem solved (with your help, of course.) As you do so, it’s important to convey that you have a deep understanding of what they are going through–after all, you’ve been there yourself!

At this point, it’s time to uncover the possiblity. What benefits and positive outcomes can the solution you are offering bring to them? Once you are about halfway through your content, begin detailing your offer with an emphasis on RESULTS.

Then, don’t forget to sprinkle in some powerful “social proof” by sharing testimonials or success stories from other satisfied clients or customers. Finally, motivate them! Give them a reason to purchase NOW by offering limited bonuses, early bird pricing or other scarcity-based benefits.

Your to-do? If you’ve never used a preview call as a marketing tactic, it’s time to get on that! If you have, but just never incorporated some of these kick-butt strategies–it’s time to do that too. Your bank account will thank you for it. 🙂

Do you hold preview calls? If you have any tips or insight to add I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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