Success Stories From Some of Our Clients and Students

“Since joining the IMPACT Academy, I’m more focused and confident, I’ve held my first telesummit, increased my mailing list by 400 subscribers, filled my coaching practice and launched my signature system, which is getting great results and PR.

In the first quarter of this year I made more than I made the entire year before. Plus, in my latest program launch I made more than any other launch I’ve ever held, and I’m working with my ideal clients who are getting results very quickly.

Christine is always staying ahead of the curve and eager to share what she knows with her clients. She just doesn’t hold back! Thank you Christine, I’m looking forward to even more up-leveling!”

Jeannie Spiro

“Prior to joining the IMPACT Academy Growth Tier, my business seemed small and insignificant, my confidence wavered and I had no marketing plan.

Since beginning IMPACT, I’ve been able to raise the level of my services, my revenues, and my confidence and marketing is an every day activity. Deciding to join the IMPACT Academy has been the momentum I needed to increase my visibility, to gain clarity of what I want to offer, and to ultimately be on target to increasing revenues by 50% over last year. The continued support of Christine and the Impact members has kept me moving forward.

If you have worked with other coaches and programs but still feel that you are stuck, then I recommend Christine’s Impact Academy.”

Christine Rothdeutsch
Your VA From PA

“Before the Impact Academy Expansion Tier, I was stuck in a BIG hole and didn’t know what to do next. I’ve been in business for 20 years-started off great but life got in the way.

Christine gave me the answer on how to get my business back on track. What I’ve learned from Christine on blogging, newsletters, and how to define and target your ideal client has changed how I do everything. I can’t believe the response I’ve been getting and the people who are interested in working with me. These new clients benefit from what I’ve learned from Christine but it also has made my job easier.

If you are thinking about the Impact Academy, just do it! You’ll be amazed at what you can learn from Christine. And, the Impact Academy is a fabulous group of women! The last retreat was like having a room full of coaches. It was so amazing and so many great insights. Thanks Christine!”

Susan Best Jones
S. Best Designs

“Prior to joining The IMPACT Academy Growth Tier, I was desperately seeking an escape from my corporate career–the stress was making me ill!

Since making the decision to work with Christine, I have more confidence, I’m being recognized as an expert, my Facebook following has grown, I’ve been asked to collaborate on podcasts, and my number of clients have increased. Specifically, my revenue has increased 611% and I am now a full time entrepreneur!

If you are thinking about working with Christine be ready to grow! You WILL get the help needed to get more clients!”

Kaira Boston
Kaira Inc.

“Being a solopreneur is lonely and difficult. I saw what Christine was doing – how she was able to automate. I wanted to learn how I could too.

The Impact Academy has given me an opportunity to meet other solopreneurs who have skills that I don’t have. The retreats have given me insights to improve my business, and allow me to spend time with people who have the same challenges.

I now have a Virtual Assistant, a Web Designer, and know the questions I need to ask to update my business in this ever-changing world. Christine is an amazing leader and catalyst. She, and the people who have joined her have shown me a path and have offered me an opportunity to find a map.”

Anne Zuckerman
Edith’s Inc.

Let’s work together to build a thriving business on your terms.

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