Join me Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 4 PM ET
for a FREE webinar on 4 ways to “Pivot to Profit” and Manifest an Extraordinary 2016

“You’ve probably noticed that there is more ‘noise’ out there than ever, with more people clamoring for our attention in an already crowded marketplace. Instead of letting it get you down, I want to share with you what I’ve learned this year about how you can ‘pivot’ in several specific areas in your business for much more effective results… instead of simply following the herd. The best part? By taking some sharp left turns away from what ‘everybody else’ is doing, you’ll immediately open up new opportunities for profit, re-energize your passion for what you do, and stand out as a leader in your niche or industry… all while amping up your credibility, confidence, and yes… your level of JOY as an entrepreneur.

As always, you’ll walk away with solid, actionable strategies you can put into place right away to make 2016 your most successful year in business. I can’t wait to teach you this eye-opening information! Lock in your spot on the webinar and I look forward to having you there with me!”  

Here are just a few of the JUICY things you’ll learn in this webinar

  • How tapping into how the majority of people feel about themselves can help you create a message that PULLS the most ideal prospects and clients to you… with much less effort (Hardly anyone does this, and you don’t need to have an email list, a website or even be financially savvy to do this too! This will change everything for you.)
  • Simple steps to upgrade your money consciousness and get out of scarcity thinking, on the spot… and the surprising effect doing this will have on the way you view the “competition” and the amount of abundance you attract (This is guaranteed to work wonders and it won’t cost you anything!)
  • The ONE easy rule I adopted when looking at the numbers in my business that allowed me to more than double my income in under 12 months. (This was a huge a-ha, and you don’t need to be an accountant or even particularly financially savvy to do it! You will love this.)
  • The three powerful productivity techniques I added that have slashed the amount of hours I work per week by almost 30%. (If you do these few simple things, you’ll also easily abolish those pesky energy leaks that have been chipping away at you! I’ll show you how.)
  • The Oprah quote (of all things!) that led me to take down many of the “walls” I had up in my business… and helped shift everything, from the types of clients I attract, to the connection I feel with my community, my income, and my results (This is really easy for you to do, too, and BONUS–doing this will help you feel more authentically “you” than ever before!)

I’ve raised my Revenues, My Level of Services and My Confidence

Prior to joining the IMPACT Academy my business seemed small and insignificant, my confidence wavered and I had no marketing plan.

Since beginning IMPACT, I’ve been able to raise the level of my services, my revenues, and my confidence and marketing is an every day activity.  Deciding to join the IMPACT Academy has been the momentum I needed to increase my visibility, to gain clarity of what I want to offer, and to ultimately be on target to increasing revenues by 50% over last year. The continued support of Christine and the Impact members has kept me moving forward.

If you have worked with other coaches and programs but still feel that you are stuck, then I recommend Christine’s Impact Academy!

Christine Rothdeutsch

Christine’s Pivot to Profit Webinar

Get ready for 2016 to be your most successful year yet!



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