Offering VIP days will definitely stretch you to think and feel differently about yourself, especially when it comes to pricing.

I often hear from my clients what a game changer they are – in fact, they say they’ll never go back to the way they used to do things again!

The mindset is very, very different than when you’re offering services by the hour, or doing session-by-session work.

VIP Days can be offered no matter what level of business you are at, even if you don’t help people with business or making money.

They’ve long been one of the most fulfilling ways for me to work with my clients, and the best thing is – once you learn how to run them, it’s a strategy that will pay you over and over for the lifetime of your business.

And while they create quick revenue – even if you don’t have a list or a website – there are a few shifts to make to ensure your clients are served really well and experience quick impact.

Head over to my YouTube channel to find out 4 mindset shifts to make when offering VIP Days in this week’s video.

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