Basic marketing principles haven’t changed much over hundreds of years, and there’s no shortage of information on how to actually DO marketing.

So if you know what to do, why does anyone’s business stall out?

Why does the growth stop short of where you really want to be?

As a marketing coach I’ve seen this happen a lot over the years.

It’s not a lack of marketing skills or not knowing what to do.

It’s often what’s going on with you, under the surface.

A biggie? A lack of belief and trust in yourself.

Feeling worthy comes from applying integrity to the most important person in your life – YOU.

It’s why creating a solid sense of self is so important. It makes an huge difference in how we engage in life and business every day.

Fear or doubt relates to a lack of trust in yourself.

If you’re solid within yourself and firm in your own personal integrity – you can trust yourself, and your self-confidence grows.

After all, if you’re not committed to yourself, why would you think you’ll attract others in your life who would?

Head over to my YouTube channel to find out practical ways to create a solid sense of self in this week’s video.

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