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Many small business owners—especially solopreneurs—end up wearing all the hats in their business when it comes to the day-to-day nuts and bolts of running things. Sometimes they end up in this situation because they believe they can’t afford to bring on extra help; sometimes it’s due to feeling that no one else could take care of things as well as they can.

Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to step back and really assess whether it is in the best interest of your business as a whole to continue to try and juggle everything alone. In terms of affordability, there are many reasonably priced virtual assistants out there who can take a lot of the administrative tasks off your plate so that you can focus on the activities that make you the most money instead.

If a virtual assistant charges $40.00 an hour and that frees up time for you to work with clients where you can make triple that amount in an hour, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Despite that, I know there can still be some real resistance to bringing on help. Even I still have to take my own advice sometimes, as I like to be in the thick of things in my business because I enjoy it so much! However, I’ve learned to delegate and let some things go. In fact, concentrating on your “genius work” and outsourcing the rest is absolutely necessary in order to get to the next level.

Even some social media activities can be delegated to an assistant, as long as those activities don’t require your personality or voice. Here are some examples of those types of tasks:

Researching quality content for you to share via social media
• Finding ideal people to send friend requests to
• Uploading videos
• Creating events on LinkedIn and Facebook
• Pre-scheduling certain social media updates

Additionally, there are many different administrative-type activities that could easily be delegated as well (just think of all the time you’ll save!):

Handling registration for events
• Bookkeeping
• Proofing written material
• Shipping products
• Managing your inbox
• Responding to inquiries
• Website/blog maintenance
• Creating graphics
• Submitting your articles to article sites

So remember, just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should. There are lots of things an assistant can be doing instead of you—freeing you up to work on true, money-making activities. After all, isn’t that what we’re in business for? 🙂

Photo Credit: Jordan Perez

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