Building a team will be one of the most challenging things you’ll ever face in your business.

Things get more complicated as you grow, and that’s exactly why you need a team.

Not to mention, entrepreneurs love to chase bright shiny objects and aren’t always great at finishing what they start, so having others to support you to get stuff done is actually pretty miraculous.

It could mean the difference between 6 figures and 7 figures. Being burnt out and thriving. Feeling resentment vs. pure joy.

Whether you’re looking to build a big team with employees or just a small virtual team so you can work from anywhere, there is a path that you will typically follow.

My video above breaks it down for you, showing you how to leverage others’ support in order to propel yourself and your vision forward.

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It is SO worth it.

In the comments, let me know: are you feeling like its time to bring on more help? Do you struggle with hiring or releasing control? That’s super common, so you’re not alone. (It was a BIG struggle of mine too.) Talk to me below. 🙂 

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