Declutter Your Life

The phrase “cluttered environment, cluttered mind” took on a whole new meaning once I became an entrepreneur.

It became abundantly clear that clutter–and holding on to things in general—was affecting me energetically.

I decided to create space, in order for new and exciting things to fill it. Now I suggest my clients do this too.

File what you can, put things in piles or do a combination of both.

When in doubt, throw it out.

Currently in my business, we’re looking into a storage unit, for items like signage that I don’t use all year round.

I also love to use the big eight-foot whiteboard in my office instead of having loose leaf paper lying around with all my different ideas and plans.  (I used to have those everywhere.)

Office equipment can also be a clutter culprit. Can yours be upgraded or some thrown out?

In recent years I realized that I was holding onto some things that were taking up space like an old dingy fax machine I finally got rid of on Craigslist. (Donating is also an option.)

If you decide to replace items, get the best you can afford and get rid of what you’re not using. After all, the faster you can work and more efficient you can be, the more money you will make.

There’s also the matter of feeling like you’re out of sync a bit too. You want to grow a really successful business, yet you’ve got this old stuff taking up space, physically and energetically.

Take a look around your office or home or both, and size up your physical environment. What are you surrounded by?  Is it time to clean up and make room for the new?

A great place to start is to go through your closet and get rid of what doesn’t fit the person you are becoming. Even if you typically work at home in yoga pants, upgrade to nicer pairs.

Finally, are there reminders of old bad things? I had pictures around of friends I didn’t talk to anymore. I had folders in my email for old projects that I really didn’t want to be reminded of.

One day I simply put some good music on and got to work with some garbage bags. I swapped out piles of junk with nice candles or silk flowers, because those items made me feel good to see and look at. I also did a thorough organization of my computer files.

The difference in my sense of well-being was immediate. I felt renewed, clear-headed and actually excited to get to work.

Try it for yourself and see.

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