What does A.D.D. have to do with scaling up your business?


Here’s the deal: as we’re looking to multiply our business, we as the head honcho often become the very thing that strangles our growth.

It’s called being the bottleneck.

Enter the concept of A.D.D., or Automate, Delegate, Delete.

Those things in your business that monopolize your time but aren’t contributing directly to your bottom line?

A.D.D. ‘em, baby.

I was a your garden variety overwhelmed entrepreneur, with a to-do list a mile long, but without a bank account I was proud of. Oh, I was doing alright, but I was frustrated that I couldn’t seem to bust through the income level I was stuck at. For years.


I finally started looking at all the things that were bogging me down, but weren’t necessarily high value. (Meaning, they weren’t making me money!)

Automate, Delegate, Delete to reduce your to-do list and increase cash flow Share on X

This week’s video shows you how to start using this game-changing practice in your own business. (You’re going to want to start implementing it right away, believe me.)

Check it out, and let me know in the comments if you use this practice of A.D.D. in your own business, and how it’s freed you up. Or, if you need help starting to do more of this, let me know what you see as your biggest obstacles to getting this going!

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