This is a guest post by Monique Wells.

Christine recently published a posting that discusses prioritization for women entrepreneurs:

No Time for Marketing? 3 Exercises to Help You Prioritize and Focus

In it, she talked about mind mapping as a way to prioritize the projects that you are engaged in or thinking of engaging in.

I was thrilled to see Christine broach this subject because her comments correlated perfectly with the results of a survey that I recently conducted among women solopreneurs about the causes of overwhelm in the workplace.  The most important reason cited was failure to prioritize! 

We are culturally programmed to believe that “more is better.”  It follows that we women solopreneurs approach our work thinking that the more clients or the more projects we have, the more successful we’ll be.  Our job becomes to “get more,” and to get more, we’ve got to “do more” – more networking, more one-on-one discussions with potential clients, more e-mail correspondence . . . This rapidly becomes a recipe (one of many that we cook up in the workplace) for overwhelm.

Is there a quick fix for failure to prioritize?  Mind mapping will do the trick on a project basis, but what about our daily activities?

The answer lies in the realization that not all activities are created equal.  There are one or two tasks that we engage in each day that have much greater value – meaning that they will move us closer to / more quickly toward our goals – than all the others combined.  Our job is to identify these tasks every day – and DO THEM!

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Monique Y. Wells is the Paris Muse of Time Management™.  She helps women solopreneurs who work from home “get over the overwhelm” that they experience during the workday.  Monique owns two small businesses, and has over ten years of experience in maximizing productivity within the constraints of the number of hours available for work each day.  Find her at http://understandingtimemanagement.com.


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