When I first heard this concept–the idea that you want to automate, delegate or delete things that take a lot of time but don’t contribute to your bottom line directly–it was a huge a-ha.

I was a typical overwhelmed entrepreneur, frustrated that the only thing growing was my never-ending list of things to do.

I had hit a wall in my business, and it was driving me absolutely crazy.


Enter A.D.D. I finally started looking at all the things that were bogging me down, but weren’t necessarily high value..


Translation? They weren’t making me money!

These tasks were things like answering emails asking me the same questions lots of others were asking, filling out forms, scheduling, researching and more.

So, I began to automate, delegate and delete. It was immensely freeing, and it’s never too early to start doing this in your own business.

Here are some examples:

Automate: paying your bills, charging clients.

Delegate: shipping items, booking travel, research, bookkeeping, going to the post office. (Delegate everything that’s not your genius work.)

Delete: completely irrelevant business cards you’ve received, email newsletters you don’t read, clutter in your office.


The best place to start is to look at exactly what you’re spending your time on. Pick a week or even 3-day period and jot down everything you’re doing.


Right before I hired my business manager Dawn I did this myself, and when I saw everything I was still doing I almost cried!

Now, I do this periodically to tighten things up and make sure I’m not slipping—if we see I’m doing too much again, we come up with the plan to take more things off my plate.

I see people still doing so much of everything themselves, and yet wondering why their business isn’t growing.

It’s almost always because they are still carrying the weight of doing the things they can really automate, delegate or delete.

If you feel like you’re constantly busy but it’s not being reflected in your bank account, grab a pen and paper and get everything that you’re doing out of your head. Run it all through the A.D.D. filter and you will be amazed at how productive you’ll become.


Not only that, but because you’ll now only be focused on the activities that actually make you money… you’ll actually make more money!


Pretty sweet, huh?

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