Stay with me here a moment…

A typical experience for me: send 3 emails, sign up 3 VIP Day clients at $7k each.

Yeah, that’s great for you, Christine. [insert eyeroll emoji]

It is not because my list is a certain size (in fact there are people with HUGE lists out there compared to mine.)
It is not because I’ve been doing the dang thing for 13 years (I have newer entrepreneur clients who are signing up VIP Day clients with ease.)

It is not because I over give (anymore) and throw everything but the kitchen sink into what clients get (that’s actually a big mistake to make.)

Here’s why enrolling people into this kind of offer is one of the easiest ways to get paid on the regular, and paid very well:

The whole point of VIP days is that they’re fast. There’s an urgency to them.

Once you know how, they’re really fast and easy to get pulled together and delivered.

They’re focused around very particular topics (yet you can easily repurpose content for them which makes it so easy to just keep offering over and over again. Do it once, rinse and repeat.)

You make more money for your time (VIP Days replace month-by-month or session-by-session offers.)

People want a lot of attention, and they want it really fast.

When they’re designed correctly, you create a day that clients will feel is worth exponentially more than their investment.

Once you start offering them, you will never go back to your old pricing again.

Your business can change overnight or just in a few weeks to where you have all the money you need for the year, with very few clients.

Of course, that frees up your time to work on other projects and take your business to the next level beyond that (or to have more beach time/kiddo time/hobby time/relationship time, you name it.)

Shall I go on…? 😉

The prevailing wisdom is that you have to be a seasoned business owner, or ready for things like “scaling” or “leverage” to offer VIP Days.

This is false.

If you have knowledge to share and a passion to serve, you can absolutely make – and profit – from these kinds of offers.

If you want to know how, front to back, VIP Day Magic is NOW open for you.

It will give you everything you need to design, price, market, sell, and deliver VIP Days (and virtual workshops – those are actually just one flavor of VIP Day!)

You invest once in this program, and your return on investment continues paying you back over and over again: in greater income, in increased confidence from making more money for your time, and increased credibility.

(Even if you price your first VIP day way too low, it’s going to more than cover your investment in this course.)

It feels pretty amazing to know exactly what emails or posts to send out to have VIP clients booked within a week or two, collecting their deposits or full payments, and having them on your schedule.

I want this for you.

There are so many reasons why offering VIP Days and virtual workshops is perfect for coaches, experts, mentors, and practitioners… anyone who has gifts to share and wants to do it in a unique and fulfilling way.

You can read more about the why + the how here:


Enrollment’s only open for a few days, so be sure to head over and check it all out.

Working with your clients this way is a HUGE service to them, and to you. If you’re ready live the VIP life, be sure to–join us now

P.S. Still not sure VIP Days are the next right move? All this week I’m holding short mini-trainings in my free Facebook group for you to learn more. Request to join and you can catch up on the replays.

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