Tablet with video word and imagery

I remember when video was referred to as the “next big thing” on the web.

(I also remember when I refused to do one without a set of false eyelashes on, but I digress.)

Today, I think it’s clear that it has long-since arrived and isn’t going anywhere – and this goes for livestreams as well.

Do you still feel shy about appearing on camera?

Some of my clients do, too.

I still get butterflies from time to time.

But the thing is: Video dramatically accelerates the “know, like, and trust” lifecycle.

My first online video was in 2009, and my cat made an unplanned appearance.

(Eh, I figured it showed realness so I left it in.)

See, you and I both know the level of noise that’s out there.

And there’s no question – it’s become tougher and tougher for people to separate the gems from the “duds” when they’re seeking out what they need.

Video can be the one thing to tip the scales in your favor.

(People are way more savvy and discerning today when they’re looking for the antidote to the problem they need solved.)

Or… maybe being camera shy isn’t an issue for you.

Maybe you’re fully on board, but don’t know how to use it.

3 quick ideas:

1) Include it on your sales pages or other pages to enhance your copy (or in some cases, to replace it)

2) Use it to deliver content in a more engaging and visual way (with a whiteboard, for example)

3) Record client testimonials to showcase your “social proof” with a lot more impact

Info is traveling at lightning speeds.

Don’t expect to be an overnight YouTube star.

But, the viral nature of sharing video IS an actual thing.

So… get on it, will ya?


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