I’m so excited to share some BIG news with you today!

Are you ready to be a LOT more visible so the people who desperately need you can… wait for it… actually find you? 🙂

I know you want to be seen – because that’s how you get PAID!

But… I also know that it’s not so easy to:

1) Put yourself out there and open yourself up to God knows what;
2) Ask for the money when you need to;
3) Show up when you sometimes feel like hiding instead… and about a million other fears and doubts.

I had them too – and to be perfectly honest, they still come up from time to time.

But there was a point in my business journey where I had to be more brave than scared, and more obsessed with helping the people I’m meant to serve, than being preoccupied with worry about being “out there.”

Once I took that stand for myself (and the people who needed me most), my business growth went into overdrive.

The momentum, the expansion, the opportunities, the money: it all multiplies when you decide to not play small.

When you decide to stop being held back by excuses, fears, and doubts.

When you decide to come OUT of hiding and generate the income you deserve.

There is NO reason why you can’t have this too.

That’s why I had to let you know about my brand NEW free 5 day “Breakthrough Visibility” Challenge. (I’m SO excited about it!)

Sound like you could learn something? Here’s the link to grab your spot:


The Challenge kicks off THIS Monday, June 18th. You’ll receive an actionable lesson every day, including specific steps to take to begin reaping the rewards that SHOWING UP for yourself and your clients brings.

You’ll also get to join me daily inside the Challenge Facebook group for Q&A, encouragement, and additional training, while creating new friendships in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who’ve got your back.

All while coming from a place of SERVICE – not scarcity, fear, or “sales-y ness.”

It’s YOUR time to come out of the shadows and make the difference I KNOW you’re here make.

It’s the starting point of EVERYTHING.

So, are you up for the challenge? Be sure to sign up here to join us now and let us know you’re “IN!”

P.S. I’ll also be giving away some juicy prizes for those folks who take lots of action in this challenge! Get ready to have A LOT of fun.

I’m in, Christine! www.breakthroughvisibilitychallenge.com

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