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One of the easiest and most effective ways to generate relevant and pertinent content is to do an audio interview series. By doing so you will be providing valuable content to your audience while building relationships with the people you interview. I have developed a deeper relationship with each person that I have interviewed on my online radio show and my listeners are really enjoying the content.

Some of the questions that people ask in regards to developing an audio interview series are:

  • Who do I interview?
  • How do I record the interview?
  • What questions do I ask of the person being interviewed
  • What do I do with the audio recordings?

Who to Interview

As far as who to interview, that depends on who your audience is. As an example, my audience is business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about blogging and marketing their businesses online. Thus, when looking for people to interview, I look for people who are experts in this area. This provides them with exposure to a new audience while providing my listeners with relevant and pertinent content.

It could be that you already know people who speak on topics of interest to your audience. If not, you can visit LinkedIn and Facebook groups on your niche topic and take note of who is posting articles and answering questions in a way that adds value to that community. Another place to locate relevant content and connect with potential speakers is at EzineArticles.com. Do a search on the topics you’d like to interview people on and spend some time reviewing the articles and visiting the Web sites of the authors.

How to Record the Interview

There are many options available for recording your interviews. I’ll share with you a free option that is easy to use and has many wonderful features. Go to www.FreeConferenceCalling.com and set up a free account. Spend some time reading through their documentation and set up a test interview with a friend or business associate. This service allows you to create a podcast of your calls or your call series, download the MP3 of your interview and interact with your audience through a web interface.

What Questions to Ask During the Interview

To date I have conducted over 40 interviews. Fortunately, before I began my online radio show I was a guest on someone else’s show. Before the interview I was asked to provide a typed list of 8-10 prioritized questions. This has proved to be an invaluable tool for me. By asking each of my guests to provide a list of their 8-10 prioritized questions, based on a topic that we agree upon ahead of time, they are prepared and are able to speak about things that they are knowledgeable of and passionate about.

What to Do with Your Interviews

So what do you do with these interviews? It depends on if you’re selling them all at once or individually or if you are giving them away. Some people would use a series as a bonus giveaway for people joining their program. You can offer your interview recordings as an incentive for people subscribing to your list. Invite people to enter their name and email address in order to receive a weekly interview with an expert, or you can simply utilize these interviews as content for your blog.

The first thing you want to do is have your interviews transcribed. I highly recommend that you have them transcribed by a professional service that only employs native English speaking transcriptionists. When I first got started online I would outsource my audios to be transcribed by a service in the Philippines. As nice as the people were, English was not their native language and it would take me hours to clean up each transcript.

Transcription services offer a wide variety of options. The options can consist of a straightforward transcript or transcription that is already formatted as an eBook. They can also break the transcript up further so it becomes content for your eCourse, articles, or blog posts. You can also take a blog post and utilize the content for creating a couple of slides in PowerPoint. You can create a video recording of that PowerPoint presentation, with Jing Project or Camtasia Studio, and turn it into a video. Now you have a video article that can be uploaded to YouTube or to your blog.

What things have you done to repurpose your content and/or build relationships with your audience by connecting with them in a variety of ways?

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