Websites have come a long way, baby! No longer do you need to be a tech geek or understand code to get going with a great site.

However, there are instances where you probably do NOT want to take on certain web tasks yourself.

Let’s face it, the “techie” side of things can be scary!

What you don’t need to do is become a programmer, but you do need to feel in control of your website.

You essentially have two choices: learn how to update your website yourself, or hire somebody else.

Yes, two choices only.

If you do decide to DIY, here are some of the most important things to get training on: creating new pages and blog posts, installing new themes, adding widgets, video and images, and making basic text changes.

If you go the hiring out route, you can find someone to make one-time changes, get someone to be “on call,” or add someone to your team full time or part time. They would be your go-to person for handling website updates and other tech or administrative issues for you.

What I’ve learned from years of coaching and training people on creating a client attractive web presence is that business owners often want a fancy, flashy website from day one. If that’s what you desire and it makes sense in your budget, go for it.

But the truth is, you don’t need that in order to have a site that builds your list and gets you clients and sales. There are certain key elements to include, yes—but it’s not necessary to spend tons of time and money on high end branding, design and other bells and whistles.

What you do need is a professional looking website that builds your credibility and visibility online.

Remember, no matter what the economy is doing, people don’t stop going to the Internet to find the products and services they need. And whether you DIY or hire it out, as a business owner, NOT having an attractive web presence is no longer an option!

A great tool for this is WordPress–a simple and cost-effective web platform that many people use to create a fully functional website that helps pull in clients and customers to their business.

If you want to learn why you don’t have to be a “techie” to get your site up and running in less than a day–AND make sure it’s positioned for MAXIMUM profitability, then you won’t want to miss my upcoming free webinar.

It’s the LAST time ever I’ll be holding this training, and I’ll be sharing urgent and updated information on what you need to create a lot more income with your site–while avoiding common, costly mistakes. Secure your spot here on this always filled-to-capacity free training.

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