The free training call I hosted last week revealed my Foolproof 5-Step Formula for making 6 figures+ online in your business in the next 12 months…and hundreds of people signed up to join me!

If you missed it (and you missed the prizes I gave out to those who attended live), we recorded it and you can request the audio from this special training call here:

Foolproof 5 Steps to 6 Figures Online Audio

Please make sure to make some time to listen to the entire call if you haven’t already!

On the call, I also talked about some of the most sabotaging things that many business owners are doing (often without realizing it), and how if they do not get these in check–they will sadly never be successful. And not many people address this, but I did, during the training call.

But I’m going to urge you to take a STAND for yourself and your business, clear your calendar and make listening to this training call a priority, because it’s coming down soon.

At the end of the recording, you’ll get to hear the names of the two lucky participants who won a *free* private 30-minute strategy call with me–just for making this training a priority and showing up LIVE on the call (I always reward people for showing up live.)


This is time-sensitive information, so please read this carefully…

At the end of the call, I also announced that I’ve officially re-opened enrollment for my signature Training Program, Get Clients Online. (At the lowest price I’ve EVER offered it too.) This is the program where I’ll teach you a specific online marketing system you can use and follow every day in YOUR business…

…so that while the majority of business owners will continue to fall far short of reaching 6 figures online, YOU will buck the trend and ROCK your business in a BIG way.

Take a look at what’s included and ALL the inspiring success stories from people just like you who have applied this step-by-step system to make more money and enjoy more freedom in their business than ever before.

Get Clients Online Now

As a thank you to listeners who know how to jump on a priceless opportunity when they find one, I also announced a few TAKE-ACTION-NOW bonuses to reward you for taking fast action when it comes to your business and your success. Although most of the bonuses are already gone, there’s still a little time left to take advantage of my VERY low Early Bird pricing (a full $400 off) and EASY-3-month installment plan, plus a couple of the bonuses that are still left:

Get Clients Online Now

Take a moment to watch the new video I created at the top of the page for you, which I JUST released. Click the video image below NOW to watch:

I can’t wait to help you profit outrageously using my system so that you can enjoy the fun, rewarding business that you deserve! 🙂

Super excited…we begin Wednesday, July 11th at 1pm ET…hope you will join us!

Oh, and if you have questions about the program, check out the FAQ page we created here:

Get Clients Online Training Program FAQ

Don’t see your question answered there? Simply let us know what it is in the comments below and we’ll respond!

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