What comes up for you when you hear those words?

Once upon a time, it mildly (ok, a bit more than mildly) terrified me.

Did I really want to be… exposed?

(Not sure what I was so afraid of having exposed… since after all, I’m in control of what I choose to share. It’s not like the National Enquirer was after me! ?)

All I know is it conjured up feelings kinda like the ones you get in those weird dreams where you’re suddenly very naked in public for some unknown reason.

(Or, if you’re anything like me… the recurring ones where you realize you completely missed the final exam in school… or somehow ended up unintentionally skipping the entire last semester… and now you can’t graduate. Or something.)

The point being, I associated it with scary stuff – as if the 6th grade bully was going to be after me again, I was somehow going to be revealed as some kind of big old fraud, and I was gonna find myself without a voice (or maybe just naked?) just as I was about to give an important talk on stage – all at the same time.

Quelle horreur!


What I quickly learned was that:

1) This internal spinning of ridiculous potential scenarios was actually pretty normal (and often hilarious);
2) In reality it’s never near as bad as your mind makes it out to be; and
3) You gotta be more brave than scared, and more obsessed with helping the people you’re meant to help, than being preoccupied with worry about being “out there.”

Why does this matter?

Because once I took that stand for myself and internalized the above, my business growth went into overdrive.

The same is true for you.

The momentum, the expansion, the opportunities, the money, you name it: it all multiplies when you decide to not play small.

When you decide to say “see ya” to being held back by excuses, fears, and doubts.

When you decide to come OUT of hiding, build an audience, and empower them to take action and say “yes” to themselves.

It matters because:

When you have an idea for an offer that you know can really help your audience, you’re able to create and launch it in just of a couple days and immediately see the payoff from sales rolling in.

When people see your messaging online they think, “I feel like she’s in my head. How do I sign up?!”

It matters because you know how to inspire people to take action without feeling “icky” or out of integrity….

And when you affirm to yourself that “My soulmate clients are always making their way to me…”

You 1000% KNOW in your core that it’s true.

But sometimes, you need a little inspiration… or a loving kick in the butt, encouraging you to show up.

Which leads me to what I’m excited to share with you today.

My free 5 day “Breakthrough Visibility” Challenge is back.

Oh yeah!

In this live, interactive Challenge with me you will:

  • Uncover what you truly stand for, so you can differentiate yourself organically
  • Learn how to communicate to the people that you want to attract in
  • Discover how to educate your audience so they see you as the obvious solution
  • Map out a plan for consistently showing up, instead of spinning in overwhelm… and more

Sound like you could learn something? Here’s the link to grab your spot:

The Challenge kicks off Monday, September 14th. You’ll receive an actionable lesson every day, including specific steps to take to begin reaping the rewards that SHOWING UP for yourself and your clients brings.

You’ll also get to join me daily inside the Challenge Facebook group for Q&A, encouragement, and additional training, while meeting your new biz buddies in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who’ve got your back.

So, are you up for the challenge? Be sure to sign up here to join us now and let us know you’re “IN!”

P.S. I’ll also be giving away some juicy prizes for those folks who take lots of action in this challenge! We’re gonna have A LOT of fun. ?

I’m in, Christine! http://www.breakthroughvisibilitychallenge.com

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