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Fast Track Your Results And Quickly Monetize Facebook Groups By Leveraging The Communities Other Industry Influencers Have Already Taken The Time To Build…

"There must be a QUICKER WAY TO MAKE MONEY from social media, right?"

After all, it's going to take time to set up your own group and you're going to have to put the time and energy into getting members, engaging them, getting them to buy...

...And it's going to be worth it in the long run, but what about RIGHT NOW?

How can you tap into social media immediately to get some quick cash in the door…




Just something to get you some momentum right now while you work on building your own group for the long run.


It's the best way to short-cut and fast-track your social media success when you don't yet have your own community in place How? Follow these 3 simple steps...

STEP 1: Identify Groups Where
Your Prospects Are Hanging Out

Before you “sell” on social media, you gotta know: "Where are my peeps hanging out?"

There are THOUSANDS of Facebook Groups...

For parents... coaches...VAs...artists...

There is are Facebook groups for practically every market you can imagine...

Ones ALREADY filled with your ideal clients...

Ones someone ELSE took the time to build...

And it's your job to find out where those groups are and ETHICALLY tap into them!

STEP 2: Become An Authority In The Group
By Posting Value-Only Content

Check out these posts I made in other people's Facebook Group (and particularly, look at the engagement, the likes, and comments)...



Remember that those are posts I made in SOMEONE ELSE'S GROUP!

It's one thing to get hundreds of comments from your own community; it's an entirely different story to go into a tribe that someone else has built and get that kind of support.

How did I do it?

I lead with VALUE...

I genuinely GET TO KNOW PEOPLE...


But while it's great to create a connection with people, we are business owners and yes the goal here is to make money, so that leads me to step 3...

STEP 3: Make An Offer
They Can't Refuse

You have 3 options when it comes to marketing in other people's facebook groups...

  • Get them to opt-in to something to join your mailing list, where you sell to them later
  • Get them to buy an entry-level no-brainer offer right now
  • Get them on the phone and sell them into a high ticket item

I've done all 3 and they do all work. In fact, I totally booked myself solid with private coaching clients in 1 month after starting my coaching business just by leveraging conversations that happened in other people's groups to fill my calendar with discovery sessions.

Check this out that booked me 10 discovery calls in 24 hours:

In the example above, I posted this exact copy and image in various Facebook Groups (including my own) and booked over 10 discovery sessions in less than 24 hours (and, of course, discovery calls lead to cash so the more you schedule, the more money you  make)!

I May Be Biased About How Stellar My Trainings Are, So Here's A Peak At What Some Un-Biased Clients Have To Say About My Work:

I don't teach until I've seen success with something first and that means my methods are proven...

That's why my clients see results like this...

I also understand that growing a successful business and life isn't just about money...

Money is great, yet there is also IMMENSE VALUE in transforming your confidence, so that you can do things like raise your rates, get on the phone with prospects, and claim your expert status...

And, most importantly to me, I understand that as a coach and service provider, I'm here to give you an out of this world EXPERIENCE...

To make you feel supported, loved, heard, respected, and taken care of...

So whether you want a coach who has proven to produce financial results for her clients... or one who will hold you in your power to give you the confidence you need to take action, stand out, raise your prices, and be a leader... or you just want an incredible experience from a coach who genuinely wants to support you...

You can be sure that's what you'll get here.

Whether you invest $10,000 with me... or just $27... you always get my best!

Market Like A Nerd In Facebook Groups:
The Facebook Group Selling System

This is the exact same Facebook Group Selling process myself and Market Like A Nerd uses every day to generate new leads and sales. In fact, it's how we find 90% of our clients.

In this Training, you’ll learn:

  • OUR 5-STEP PROCESS for ethically leveraging other people's Facebook Group communities to grow your own business.
  • The EXACT “YES LADDER” POST that was used to book over 10 discovery sessions in less than 24 hours from ONE SINGLE POST.
  • The EXACT Tracking Spreadsheet I use toENGAGE IN HUNDREDS OF GROUPSwithout working over-time.
  • HOW TO BECOME KNOWN AS AN AUTHORITY in Facebook Groups, so that you're the one everyone is tagging and watching.
  • THE ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY to get likes and comments on your posts by giving value that attracts attention (this is how my posts get HUNDREDS of comments).
  • The "FACEBOOK GROUP ETIQUETTEyou'll need to be aware of to avoid looking like a sleazy spammer as you do all of this.

So you can eat out tonight or cook dinner at home and use the dough to invest in yourself, so that you can...

  • Learn exactly how to leverage other people's Facebook Groups RIGHT NOW so that you have a way to generate income while you're waiting and working on growing your own community
  • Get the confidence and the visibility strategies you need to stand out in Facebook Groups, so that you're the one everyone is rushing to engage with and tag
  • Avoid making potentially embarrassing "rookie" mistakes that make you look like a sleazy spammer in Facebook Groups (been there... doesn't feel good...)

If you want to get started, click the button below and finally learn how to execute your Facebook Group Selling strategy the right way, so that you can Market Like A Nerd in FAcebook Groups and geek out over all of the rewards it brings ya!


QUESTION: What is included?

ANSWER: Before I tell you what this is, let me tell you what it is NOT.

…it is NOT:

  • a generic PDF that you could get for free somewhere else
  • a "training video" that just sells you into something else
  • a "theory" with no actionable content or tips
  • a bunch of information with no direction
  • regurgitated crap that was learned somewhere else and not actually tested

In the last 12 months, I have leveraged OTHER PEOPLE'S Facebook Groups to:

- Booked myself solid with private coaching clients within 1 month

- Get HUNDREDS of opt ins within days for each of my webinars {repeatedly}

- Been booked to speak on 30+ podcasts in 30 days

- And move thousands of members from other groups over to my own, where I booked $120K in 90 days

So what this IS, is this:

  • A 1-hour video training that dishes out the EXACT step-by-step system I use for my own daily facebook group marketing
  • A complete explanation of the strategy involved, along with explicit ACTION STEPS for you to take to start seeing results
  • PLUS, you'll receive bonus access to my very own Facebook Group tracking spreadsheet with inside information on which groups to engage in, when to post in them, and more.

This is ALL MEAT. ALL VALUE. Information AND Transformation.


QUESTION: Why $27?

ANSWER: Thinkin' "$27 is cheap yo..what's the dealio?"...Well check it (this will put your mind at ease):

1. $27 is an extremely doable investment level which means I can put this in the hands of thousands of entrepreneurs…from new business owners to 7 figure earners looking to expand their marketing efforts on Facebook

2. It eliminates the lookie-loos, while simultaneously revealing to me who my real peeps are (and rewarding them for it)!

3. Well, hah! We're marketers and we're testing the price point. #transparency

We also believe in standing in our value. I give away unbelievable amounts of information, transformation, and content for free... so this gold-mine is for serious entrepreneurs only. I think that's fair 😉


QUESTION: How long will it take to get access, and how long will I have access for?

ANSWER: You'll get immediate access... in our membership portal (aka "The Lair").

Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide, and you'll have life-time access from that point on.

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