Just wanted to share a pic…here I am with my client Marilee Tolen at her private VIP Day with me. We created a brand new direction for her business and mapped out her entire signature system! It’s a very exciting (and lucrative) new income stream for her. And that’s just the start… Great job Marilee!

I’ve realized that not everyone knows that I offer this way of working with me, and maybe that’s you too. 😉

My VIP clients love this very focused, intense way of working on their businesses with me. Here are just some of the things I work on with them in their VIP Days:

* Creating high-ticket programs, workshops or other offers

* Creating recurring continuity income

* Creating a signature system that positions you as an expert

* Creating a business model that rewards you with more income

* How to break through your money roadblocks (this alone will change your financial well-being for the rest of your life!)

* Targeting the appropriate market and knowing your most profitable niche within that market

* Learning to do half of what you do now and still increase your income

* Getting your message out in a big way through speaking and writing (and how to prepare your talk)

* How to create and sell from teleseminars, webinars, livestreams and events with techniques you haven’t learned before

* Creating affiliate teams to promote you and your business

* How to create, launch and lead/host live events

* Best practices and technology on how to run your business so you have more free time to do the things you love

* How to market using the Internet and social media and how to create multiple streams of income

…and more…

I have a couple of openings for VIP Days with me in January, so if you’re interested in a powerful coaching and mentoring experience like this for your own business, send an email to Karen@ShesGotClients.com with “VIP Day” in the subject line and we’ll set up a time to chat via phone about it.

Let’s make 2012 your best year ever together, ok? 😉

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