I’ve been reflecting on the incredible applications that have been coming in for my brand new IMPACT Mastermind. In fact it’s exciting to see how global this group is that’s forming–with members already joining from South Africa and France!

However, many of you are asking me how to know for sure whether it’s time for YOU to step up into a Mastermind. So today I want to address some FAQs that have been coming in to us here about the IMPACT Mastermind:

Q. How large is this Mastermind group going to be?

A. It was important to us to keep this group small enough where it can still be intimate, but a good enough size to really maximize the Mastermind aspect. However, we are not interested in having an enormous-sized group! The maximum amount of people in the Mastermind will be in the range of 8-10, and no larger than that. (6 spots are already spoken for!)

Q. IMPACT sounds great–but I’m not sure I could afford something like this.

A. We want what you receive out of this Mastermind program to far exceed your investment in it. And the investment for this program is in line with and very appropriate for a Mastermind of this caliber. However, we have several options for investing in this program, as ultimately we wanted to balance attracting people who are truly committed–with wanting to meet people where they are. We are very thoughtfully reviewing every application to ensure this group is as powerful and supportive as possible. Thus, we have strategically built in flexibility around pricing to make it work if possible for those who would be a sensational fit. It’s all about meeting you where you are–truly!

Q. Is this a Mastermind that meets in person several times a year? I don’t think I could swing all that travel.

A. This is something we took into careful consideration when we designed IMPACT, as we know it’s not always easy to get away, especially with family and business obligations to tend to. Because of that, IMPACT includes one in-person retreat just outside of Philadelphia mid-way through the program. The rest of the time we meet virtually by phone.

Q. Does applying for IMPACT obligate me to join?

A. Nope! There’s no obligation by applying…and it’s actually a relatively short (and fun) application, which is refreshing!

Q. What exactly happens after I apply? What are the next steps?

A. How it will work is you will get priority review of your application by both myself and my Special Program Development Consultant Mandy. Once we review your application and we feel like it’s a good fit on both sides, we’ll get on the phone with you and get to know you a bit more and answer any additional questions you might have. That’s it!

So…imagine having the support of other like-minded entrepreneurs, working together to reach a common goal: to have a profitable, rewarding and FUN business that feeds your soul AND impacts the world. Intrigued? You can head over to this web page to get the full scoop and to submit your confidential, no-obligation application:

The Impact Mastermind

I hope that helps…if you have a question you don’t see answered here, I invite you to send an email to Impact@ShesGotClients.com and just ask. We’re happy to help and explore whether this Mastermind is the right fit for you!

It’s time to discover a different way. A way to share your gifts with more people, make more money, and have the successful, fulfilling business you’ve always craved. When you do things differently and connect to the right coaching, mentoring and accountability you need…everything changes. Already know you’re ready to apply? Go directly to the no-obligation application by clicking here.

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