I spent the last two days with my private Platinum client Patti in Philadelphia at her first business retreat. She is working with me for the year and this was our “kick off” retreat—we will have our second one towards the end of our time together next winter.

Patti owns The Original Basket Boutique in Houston, and we focused on where her business has been up to this point—as well as on her business strategy going forward.  (You can check out her blog here.) Some of the areas we dove deep into included her mindset, her social media strategy, time management and organization, marketing, and of course, money!

I am very excited for her and can’t wait to watch her soar!  I absolutely love getting to work with clients this way and to be able to be a part of their business growth and success.  Patti’s definitely got what it takes and I’m thrilled to work with her at this level.  There’s just something about clients who step up to a long-term, intense program like this—they’re serious about their success and ready to give it their all.  It’s truly a joy to see.

The best thing is, not only do I get to now experience others’ growth through the Platinum coaching relationship, I know first-hand how powerful it can be because of the progress I’ve made with my own coach. It’s great to be able to pass the wisdom along! 🙂

Have you ever worked with a mentor or coach at a high level one on one?  How has it influenced the course of your business or impacted your own success?

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