DOTS_impactlogoThis coming weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the entire year–Memorial Day weekend. The unofficial start of Summer means beach time, and there is no other place I’d rather be!

This time of year also always reminds me that we’re really close to another year being nearly half over.

I’m wondering… how is 2013 going for you in your business? Are you feeling productive? Successful? Where you want to be?

If not, I want to share a quick lesson with you about the top four characteristics shared by the most productive and successful entrepreneurs. (These are the ones having the biggest impact on not only their lives, but the lives of those around them AND the world.)

The top four characteristics they have in common are:

1) They have accountability;
2) They’re following best practices and proven systems;
3) They have the unconditional support of like-minded peers;
4) They put themselves in an environment of big thinking.

All of this leads to consistent progress in their business.

I’ve made a lot of decisions in my business, but looking back, the decisions I made to get help, mentorship, guidance and to join Masterminds were the most life-changing AND income-generating decisions I’ve ever made.

Is it time for you to make a decision like this?

If you have an inkling–no matter how small–that it might be, you’ll want to know that enrollment is open now for my carefully designed 12 month Mastermind program called IMPACT.

IMPACT is about growing your business by making a splash in the online world… which will in turn impact your life, your business, the lives of those around you… even the legacy you leave behind.

If you’re intrigued and ready for the full scoop on IMPACT, you can find that here.

(You’ll also find many happy testimonials from current IMPACT Mastermind members there as well.)

You’ll also see an “Apply Now” button on that page. If this program resonates for you, that button will take you right to the very brief online application you can fill out and submit right there. We wanted to make it really easy for you.

Spots are by application only… but there’s no obligation or cost to apply. After you apply, we’ll schedule a time to hop on the phone and chat about whether this is the right program for you.

As a special bonus for stepping up and applying, it’s a fit and you’re accepted we will gift you a full $1000 off the full price of IMPACT for a limited time as a valued member of my community.

If this sounds like it is for you, even just a little bit, please take advantage of the opportunity to apply now. I can’t wait to help you make a big IMPACT in your business… and the WORLD this year!

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