I often share about my own mentors and mastermind groups and what the influence of a like-minded group of individuals has done for me. Those people inspire me, keep me accountable, and challenge me to new levels of achievement. I consistently choose to put skin in the game because it motivates me to take things much more seriously and take much bigger action. Could I do it on my own? Sure. Maybe. Would I be as successful? Not in a million years. I’m digging into exactly WHY accountability is so crucial in this video.


Accountability is a huge part of what my Impact Academy Mastermind provides my clients, and their accomplishments prove it. They’re achieving in days, weeks, and months what typically takes the average entrepreneur years to achieve. Enrollment into the Mastermind is open again for a limited time right now, and if you’d like to personally speak with myself and my team to see if it’s the right fit for you, simply head to impactacademymastermind.com to read the information about what’s included in the Mastermind, and click the schedule a call now button right on that page.

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